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Temporal anthems

February 26, 2006

No, I’m not going to talk about the changes the Republican party wants to bring about the National Anthem. I want to tackle over the temporal anthems that time to time occupy Armenian society. There exists the phenomenon when a new song is presented and, as in all the cases it’s the most tasteless music, people usually grasp it and play everywhere. With the time its becoming boring and dull and is preceded by another insipid music.  These songs are played everywhere. In the streets, especially the parts where CDs are being sold, in the cell-phones, in  the crossing-by cars, which try to gain attention by putting the players on the maximum volume. You can not escape that music even in vans.
Last month we all might have heard the song  Haykakan drakht- Armenian Paradise from the film Mer Bak 3(Our Yard). The top anthem of this month is the song by Armenchik and Kristine Pepelyan. Two different voices which do not accord with each other. I think by singing a duet with Armenchik, who is well known and popular among American Diasporans, Kristine wanted to get fame in America as well, but she failed, because her voice is quite deafen by that of Armenchik’s (Although her voice is deafen even when she sings alone). Armenchik sings what he is  majored in, that is to say rabiz. At least he doesn’t go astray and doesn’t sing for example classic music. But there’s a strange stir among Armenian pop singers, who are not determined yet about  what their genre is.
This going on  “Inchu…akh inchu”s can drive me crazy if it continues to be played in the public the coming week. My ear and mind are not ready to admit it. Though today I, the great opponent of rabiz music, caught me on murmuring that song. I fell from grace in my eyes, but what could I do, it had already occupied my mind.
But there’s a joyous news. I’m so happy that the real Armenian national music, which is commonly known as 6/8 is gaining the upper hand over all this stuff in Armenian musical sphere. This singer  represents that music perfectly and best of all – Hamlet Gevorgyan, with his “Jeyranes dues”. The youth seemingly likes him and now due mainly to singers like him  Armenian National song is back again.

Farewell to Kukuruznik…

February 22, 2006

Today when we were about to start our lesson suddenly one of the girls yelled out “ Vay!! Where is Kukuruznik?”  We all hurried to look through the window. Being busy with our everyday life and studies, before that we never paid attention that something was wrong with the view from our classroom window. A wave of “vays” followed then. Last year we were witnesses of how the building was being taken down day by day, though it wouldn’t come to our minds that it would be taken away totally. Later on we learnt that it’s more than a month that it doesn’t exist. People say it was about to collapse if they didn’t dismantle the building. Being built at 1977-78 it really had many problems.

  Does anyone know what will be there in it’s place?


I hope they will not construct one of those modernized buildings that do not fit the appearance of the city. Although  Kukuruznik stood aside from other buildings .It was the stunning building of the time when it was newly constructed. Later  people called it “krtsats kukuruz” ( bitten corn), and considered it as an inseparable part of Yerevan. Please, people who are leading this construction, let it be only a reconstruction. You can put the bitten part back to its place if there are to be changes, but don’t touch its architectural appearance.  You will not amaze anyone with your new, shining and too much stunning building. On the contrary, people will always denounce and condemn you for that. No matter how wonderful your building-to be will be, people will always reiterate  that kukuruznik was better. But right, I know what  your answer will be: “ Who cares? The deed is done, and all”.

On the other hand, the capital, which once used to be called pink Yerevan (vardaguyn), is not pink any more. The rose-coloured buildings, which represented the face of Yerevan, are not rose any more. They are dark now because of the dust and dirt. And polishing of the stone is expensive and will set the people back. So why to care to put themselves to the least trouble  with clearing it? I regret a great deal for this situation.

Anyway, I wouldn’t like to say this , but Yerevan looses its face day by day……….



February 18, 2006

Again I heard that expression from an exhausted Armenian woman who fed up with that mess finally bellowed: “Тhis sink is cursed, the more I wash dirty plates and dishes, the more they pile up”. I calmed her down saying that not she alone is cursed but almost all Armenian women (not including first ladies though). Of course my consolation wouldn’t make her feel at ease as her hands were also reddened because of the cold water. May be they wouldn’t have such an aversion to the matter if there had all the accommodations regarding hot water, running water, and existence of water in general.

Some days ago in some Russian community there were some problems with providing the citizens with hot water, and they were protesting and rebelling:  “How can that be? We didn’t have hot water during the whole day. Can you imagine?”

Oooh yes, if not Russians or people from other nationalities, an Armenian can imagine it for 100%, no, better for 200%.  And at that very moment he will remember the so called “moot tariner” (dark years), which were followed after the collapse of the USSR.  I was a 7 year girl then , but my recollections are so distinct as if it was yesterday. (more…)


February 16, 2006

When an Armenian wants to do something which is not the others’ business, as a non Armenian would propose, it must undergo some discussions among relatives, friends, neighbors and their relatives. Thus not a step can be done without their approval. And this is the case when they usually hear them say: “ Amota… Mi ara”, and they never do what they meant to.

You can hear such “amota”s in every step. For example when a girl wants to go to a market, she does such a make up, that if you stick your finger the half of it will penetrate into her face. If you ask her why she wears that Japanese mask, she is likely to say: “Amota!..What will the people say?”..Huh?  Is having a clown like face preferable than the natural one? I’ll admit that it’s shameful only in the case when she is disguising her dopey and stupefied expression of the face under that mask. On the contrary, come on, gals, why do you pay heed  to the silly things the others do or say? Looking natural is not shameful at all. (more…)


February 14, 2006

I still remember when a year ago a friend of mine was breaking his neck to enter the Polytechnic Institute , and now he is just fed up and wants to leave it.

Who does not know about the corrupted system of our «State» Universities?… But shshshsh….
Our Ministry of Education stuffs his ears and closes his eyes: « Don’t  hear , don’t see, don’t believe… we promote our education.. » .  

How? This way? Chasing away your students? Having graduated from your universities they are likely to say : «Thanks God that you didn’t let me die among these charlatans..» (more…)


February 14, 2006

As far as the current subject for discussing is the faild negotiation between Armenian and Azerbaijan Presidents I would also like to write something on this. But as I’m not the best political critic and many people, bloggers do it better than I would, I decided posting the letter  once I sent to Ara Manoogian blogger, after having read his comment at Oneworld Multimedia. Here he  wrote how an Azeri young men replied to the idea of discussing the problems between our nations among the youth of both nations. So  I asked him to sent my letter to the Azeri guy and Ara decided to post it in his site, for what I’m very thankful to him.  Perhaps some of you have even read it, nevertheless I’m posting it once more.

So this is what I think about the things going around us: (more…)

Hello World!! I set a new blog!!

February 13, 2006

Hello World..!!
I’m so happy to greet you !
Today I have my own blog. Congratulate me!  I’ve been looking  for this for a long time.

How did  this start?
If three months ago you asked me what blogging is I would just keep silence and shrug my shoulders because I had not a single idea about this. Thanks to Onnik Krikoryan over at Oneworld Multimedia I discovered totally a new world, world of blogs. Incidentally with his suggestion I started blogging at his site. “ Do you have what to say to the world? So start blogging”.  This is how he welcomed me:

When she isn’t working as a volunteer for the largest domestic observation mission in Armenia, It’s Your Choice, or for the youth NGO, Service for Peace, Zarchka is probably practicing her Tong-Il Moo-Do. Incidently, Zarchka is the first girl on the left in the photograph second from the top here. Welcome, Zara, and thanks for introducing me to Renju.

A remarkable person who has filled me with encouragement and made me more optimistic regarding Armenia’s future. Unfortunately, so busy is Zarchka with her studies and volunteering that it’s unlikely she’ll blog often. However, when she does, I’m sure it will be worth reading.

Aha.. This is about me

Here you can find my previous logs: Oof es nor tarin el!!, "Great" Expectations, The candle doesn't lose its light, In search of a book.

I liked blogging so much that  finally decided to set up my own blog. I’m so deeply grateful to you Onnik, that you enlightened me in this sphere and still continuing that among the youth. Thank you that all that time you could bear me and my articles at your site and corrected my mistakes with such a tolerance. I will always be much obliged to you.

Why did I choose this title for my blog?

Everything going around me refers to me as well. My life is full of adventures, interesting facts, sometimes shocking, at times admiring. What I'm going to write will be from my own experience and judgments.  Dear friends, don't get surprised if you read here something about you, because you are the inseparable part of my life, and I am the part of this society, country and this world. It follows from this that  my blog refers to everyone and everything.

I confess that my English is not very rich, regarding this, please, don't judge strictly. But I  will  make an attempt and  I promise that the things I will talk about in the future will be more than interesting, advertising and of some use. I hope step by step I will get engaged in what I do. Let’s call this period “Beginning”!
I live in Armenia and I'm pure Hayastantsi.  My approaches toward  life may differ from those of Diaspora. But I think that will not cause any problems as we are people after all, at least Armenians.

Now, I don’t want to jump the gun with future plans. If I happen not to blog frequently there will be an excuse , as my classes have already begun  and I will have little  free time left.
Anyway, whatever… you can feel free to leave comments. I will reply to them with pleasure.
Let's see what we will have after!!