Hello World!! I set a new blog!!

Hello World..!!
I’m so happy to greet you !
Today I have my own blog. Congratulate me!  I’ve been looking  for this for a long time.

How did  this start?
If three months ago you asked me what blogging is I would just keep silence and shrug my shoulders because I had not a single idea about this. Thanks to Onnik Krikoryan over at Oneworld Multimedia I discovered totally a new world, world of blogs. Incidentally with his suggestion I started blogging at his site. “ Do you have what to say to the world? So start blogging”.  This is how he welcomed me:

When she isn’t working as a volunteer for the largest domestic observation mission in Armenia, It’s Your Choice, or for the youth NGO, Service for Peace, Zarchka is probably practicing her Tong-Il Moo-Do. Incidently, Zarchka is the first girl on the left in the photograph second from the top here. Welcome, Zara, and thanks for introducing me to Renju.

A remarkable person who has filled me with encouragement and made me more optimistic regarding Armenia’s future. Unfortunately, so busy is Zarchka with her studies and volunteering that it’s unlikely she’ll blog often. However, when she does, I’m sure it will be worth reading.

Aha.. This is about me

Here you can find my previous logs: Oof es nor tarin el!!, "Great" Expectations, The candle doesn't lose its light, In search of a book.

I liked blogging so much that  finally decided to set up my own blog. I’m so deeply grateful to you Onnik, that you enlightened me in this sphere and still continuing that among the youth. Thank you that all that time you could bear me and my articles at your site and corrected my mistakes with such a tolerance. I will always be much obliged to you.

Why did I choose this title for my blog?

Everything going around me refers to me as well. My life is full of adventures, interesting facts, sometimes shocking, at times admiring. What I'm going to write will be from my own experience and judgments.  Dear friends, don't get surprised if you read here something about you, because you are the inseparable part of my life, and I am the part of this society, country and this world. It follows from this that  my blog refers to everyone and everything.

I confess that my English is not very rich, regarding this, please, don't judge strictly. But I  will  make an attempt and  I promise that the things I will talk about in the future will be more than interesting, advertising and of some use. I hope step by step I will get engaged in what I do. Let’s call this period “Beginning”!
I live in Armenia and I'm pure Hayastantsi.  My approaches toward  life may differ from those of Diaspora. But I think that will not cause any problems as we are people after all, at least Armenians.

Now, I don’t want to jump the gun with future plans. If I happen not to blog frequently there will be an excuse , as my classes have already begun  and I will have little  free time left.
Anyway, whatever… you can feel free to leave comments. I will reply to them with pleasure.
Let's see what we will have after!!

10 Responses to “Hello World!! I set a new blog!!”

  1. Oneworld Multimedia :: Zarchka’s New Blog :: February :: 2006 Says:

    […] I’ve just discovered that Zarchka has set up her own blog at https://lifearoundme.wordpress.com. Zara cut her teeth blogging on my site, so I’m especially glad she’s continuing. Her first main post is on corruption in the education sector. Zara introduces herself to what I hope will be a new audience here. Posted by Onnik @ 1:32 pm. Filed under: Armenia, Education, Blogging, Corruption, Caucasus […]

  2. Katya Says:

    Зарочка, очень рада снова тебя слышать:)

  3. Sanne Says:

    Hi Zarchka.

    It is great to see you started your own blog! You probably don’t know me, but I am from the netherlands and worked as a volunteer at BEM in Yerevan from june 2005 until december 2005. I had a great time, and tried to give young armenians the opportunity to be active in civil society and so. I am so happy to see that you and hopefully more and more young Armenians are getting active. Hopefully many more people will follow your example! It’s a shame we haven’t met, but i am sure in future we will someday :).
    Looking forward to read your posts!

  4. Alyonushka Says:

    Hi Zarchka
    I am very happy that you found the exact way to express your thoughts.I want to congratulate you with your blogging and must say ”Well done!”. Keep on working.

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Hi Sanne

    We haven’t met but the impression is that I know you for ages. At first Tamar and Onnik told about you, how two Dutch girls were volunteering in Armenia. Then you started blogging. Though I never commented, but always found time for reading your blogs. I liked the one about the high heels. We couldn’t have met before, I got acquainted with Onnik later, when you had already left. Thank you , Sanne.

  6. Zarchka Says:

    Катюша, я так соскучилась по всем вам. Но я думаю что это способ быть ближе друг к другу, так что не забудь заглянуть сюда почаще. Целую!!

  7. Freedom Says:

    Hello, for what it’s worth, allow me to compliment you on your English! 🙂

    And good job on the NGO thing! I was introduced to many of them (but not IYC) while I worked in Armenia (with a human development organization / think-tank, you might’ve heard about it, it’s called ICHD – Մարդկային զարգացման միջազգային կեդրոն).

  8. Zarchka Says:


    Hmm.. Never heard about such a center, or perhaps I have just don’t remember.The names resemble so much. I’m not sure.

  9. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    just noticed that the links aren’t working coz of the “/trackback/” at the end. remove those and the urls should work.

  10. Zarchka Says:

    Thanks Onnik. I hope it’s working now 😉

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