As far as the current subject for discussing is the faild negotiation between Armenian and Azerbaijan Presidents I would also like to write something on this. But as I’m not the best political critic and many people, bloggers do it better than I would, I decided posting the letter  once I sent to Ara Manoogian blogger, after having read his comment at Oneworld Multimedia. Here he  wrote how an Azeri young men replied to the idea of discussing the problems between our nations among the youth of both nations. So  I asked him to sent my letter to the Azeri guy and Ara decided to post it in his site, for what I’m very thankful to him.  Perhaps some of you have even read it, nevertheless I’m posting it once more.

So this is what I think about the things going around us:

While reading the Orhan’s first letter I nearly jumped with joy that Azeri students really are interested in discussing the problems between two nations.. though he forgot to point out what way it’d happen. On reading his second letter my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

First I want to say that I really sorry for that guy who at the very beginning didn’t understand the point of that idea. And everything I’m going to say at first  refers to him and his azeri friends.

Dear  Orhan

That is the difference between you and us. We also still continue to say that Kharabakh land is our territory and it was once conquested by you, but we took it back. In the same time immense part  of Armenian  youth, among them me, is sticking to the point that Kharabakh should be an Independent Republic, not belonging to anyone. So much blood has been shed in this war. And now everyone think of nothing but a revenge. Of course it is terrible when your relatives are killed. But what can you promote by killing by yourself? We all are human beings after all, made up of blood, body, mind. The substance of my blood doesn’t vary from that of your’s. Stop it! Shall someone do the first step? Otherwise this hemorrhage will never stop. I don’t want to make out who levied this war and which part had more people fallen to victim. I just want to live and not separate world into Armenians, Georgians, Azeries or Jews.

Now imagine that a new  war brakes out and many people die. And what ? What will you have of it? Will you feel happy? Will you jump with the happiness knowing that blood of many innocent people was shed? What for? For conquesting the areas now Armenians live? And even so, you will  never inhabit those areas, just because you don’t need it, you have enough  area to live in. I wonder, why aren’t you content with what you have? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot, It’s a matter of principle. Unlike our principle that Kharabakh should be an independent Republic.

Your words about war, blood, killing I accept  as words of a child who’s head since childhood is being  stuffed only with revenge. These are not words of a matured person. Watch deeper, try to have your own stand points on this matter. Because these are not your words , but of your ancestors who still repeat that damn word  “killing, killing”. Armenians should have been teaching that to the future generation, instead our parents retell the history and don’t forget to add: “We want peace”.

Responding with hatred to hating we double that hating adding a darkness to the  starless night. The gloom may not brush away darkness, it can do only the light. Contempt is as destructive as for the parson who has it. It corrodes  the personality, destroys the objectivity of the person and the concepts about moral values.

You can be kinder, Because the way you replied to the idea was not it. The difference may not even be between religions. I doubt greatly that you know your religion as it also says:  

“Hate your enemy reasonably; he may turn into your friend tomorrow”: Khadisi.



  1. Freedom Says:

    you will never inhabit those areas, just because you don’t need it, you have enough area to live in. I wonder, why aren’t you content with what you have?
    Umm, as someone of Armenian background, I have a problem with that statement. If you want to look at it from the “enough area to live in”, Armenians have enough area to live in too. Armenia is in fact “large enough” for the Armenians from all over the world to live in. That is not the point. The point is that there are people who are indigenous to that land, Armenians and Azeris alike. You can’t just say Azeris can go and live elsewhere… That would be similar to calling for ethnic cleansing… Anyway, the very idea of independence is a bit weird (for me anyway, as an anarchist who does not believe that creating borders and separating peoples is the solution) and the Azeri side is also to be blamed for its reaction to the aspirations of the Armenian majority. Both sides have said and done wrong things, and both sides need to be more mature and resolve this situation once and for all. Hopefully there will be reconciliation between both peoples. Hopefully Armenians will also stop looking at the Azeri people as “a bunch of Turks” (believe me, there are maaaaaaaanyyy Armenians who think that way).

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Firstly, now Armenia is not “large enough” for the Armenians all over the world. Of course there are always extended fields and villages which can be inhabited. But which diasporan will prefer returning to his mother land and constructing his house in an not inhabited area to what he has already made in abroad? They rather prefer the newly built the so called «elite» buildings in the center, which cause environmental destructions, spoil the face of the original Yerevan and аre cultivating like mushrooms.
    Secondly..let everyone live where they are. If Kharabakhci is to live in Kharabakh, let he live, be it an Armenian or an Azarian. Most of Armenians attitude is that they don’t want Kharabakh back, but want it to be an independent Republic. Azerbaidjan is twice as big as Armenia, so why not to be content and just leave Kharabakh in peace. Again, matter of principle?
    What concerns «bunch of Turks». I also know such people, but every time they say it, I just stop them and explain my stand point. That really makes them ponder and I feel that even they themselves get dubious about what they have said, and then the most they can say is «I donno».
    To conclude what I said just note how that young guy replied to the matter, and compare it with that of mine.
    1. —Hi Ara! you said that you dont like the war! yeah?! ok ! so i will say that from all azeri young mans! Nagorno Karabakh is azeri region! and armenia was occupied that region from azerbaijan! killed a lot of people(children,whomens,old mens) and we will return back our regin with war way! and belive me , all azeries waht to return his own region with war way! you said the war is bad think! cuz you didnt war for your region! armenians werent kill and werent died for land! they were killed all time turks! in turkey and in azerbaijan! so wait for me! so wait for azeri turks! wait for azeri soldiers! we all are deady for second war! wait for us! we will kill all armenians! and we will return back our lands! our motherlamd-Karabakh! our heart! our blood-Karabakh! bye!
    With gretest killing wishes one of the azerbaijanian killer! killer who wants to kill only armenians!
    You can check it here :


  3. Freedom Says:

    which diasporan will prefer returning to his mother land and constructing his house in an not inhabited area to what he has already made in abroad?
    Land is there to be settled. If you (not specifically YOU personally) are not up to doing that, then you should not complain about the “not enough space”.
    I was not advocating the movement of Karabakhtsis to Armenia-proper, by the way. I was only pointing out that the “not enough space for Armenians to live in” argument was not factual.

    As for what that guy said and compared to your position, point taken, but keep in mind that there are people like that on the Armenian side (I have lived in Karabakh for some time, and I know that the people there have this very racist attitude towards Azeris and xenophobic attitudes towards Muslims in general). There are peaceful and hateful people on both sides. At the end of the day, people are people. And heck, even racist people ought to be listened to, because I am sure they have reasons for being like that. Like that guy Orhan. Suffering breeds hatred, especially when politicians pour fuel on the fire. Marginalizing those people and their grievances (legitimate or not) makes the problem even worse. It is a sad situation, but I dream of a day when Azeris and Armenians would be friends. It’s a long way to go. But at least let us not walk in the opposite direction…

  4. Freedom Says:

    Another thing, with regards to the land issue. Many diasporan Armenians – descendants of genocide survivors – argue that Turkey should return what is considered by Armenians “Western Armenia” (by the way, my great-grandparents were from Sassun and a nearby village called Haini). Let us assume that this is a realistic demand; how many of those Armenians would go and live there, in those villages? They don’t even go and live in Yerevan, which is relatively luxurious. I, too, feel the pain of the lost land and lives, and a deep connection to the land that I have never set foot on. My only dream is to visit it one day. I know that we will never be able to go back and settle on that land (if anything, it has other “claimants” at the moment) and if it will be possible through ethnic cleansing of its previous inhabitants then I do not want it. It is nostalgia. And it’s time to give up on it. A nation cannot advance if it gets stuck in the past and the claims of the past. It’s time to move on and build on our past. Build what we have, not ignore it and go after what we have lost and which we probably will never get back.

    Another issue that annoys me is how the Armenian government treats the issue of diasporan settlement in Armenia (I’m talking about the citizenship issue). Now first of all, I do not want a 10-year-passport. If I’m going to go and live in Armenia I want to be a citizen just like any other, with equal rights and responsibilities. The government has treated this as an “ideological” issue, arguing that if people care about it so much, they can give up on their citizenship and get the Armenian one. It is not as simple as that. There is more to life than nationalistic feelings. There are economic and other concerns. Besides, if the government were so “ideologically”-driven, what explains its position on the Turkish border/products issue (another thing that has alienates many diasporans). Now my citizenship (Lebanese) might be a “crappy” one but this is where I was born and raised, my family is here, my friends are here, my loved one is here, and I expect something in return for the sacrifice I would be making by moving to Armenia.

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Befor this I had misposted my comment..sorry for that…

    I am not a diasporan..but native Armenian. I’ve never faced such problems like homesickness. Yes, I’ve been abroad, but I had always known that I would come back. And right.. not an Armenian and not an Azeri  would settle on the returned areas.
    Love Armenia without expecting something in return, but because it’s your motherland, and perhaps you should do something in return. Yes, it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, and yet, if I continue living here, I must do my best to be of some use in promoting it.  And I am also for no borders, no offences, only friendship…
    And yes..let’s dream.. But shall I see that day?
    It reminded me a joke..
    Three presidents: Bush, Putin and Khocharyan visit  God. First enters US president Bush:  “God, tell me, when will my people live better?” God replies: “ In some five years”. And Bush goes pass crying: “I’ll not be  president by that time”. Then the Russian president Putin enters and asks the same question. God answers:  “Your nation will live better in some 40 years». Putin also leaves with tears: “I will not be alive by that time”.  Then, the Armenian president Khocharyan calls at: “God when will Armenians live better?”. And God bursts out with tears: “I’ll be a goner by that time”.
    To cry or to laugh??….hmmm…let me think…

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