Temporal anthems

No, I’m not going to talk about the changes the Republican party wants to bring about the National Anthem. I want to tackle over the temporal anthems that time to time occupy Armenian society. There exists the phenomenon when a new song is presented and, as in all the cases it’s the most tasteless music, people usually grasp it and play everywhere. With the time its becoming boring and dull and is preceded by another insipid music.  These songs are played everywhere. In the streets, especially the parts where CDs are being sold, in the cell-phones, in  the crossing-by cars, which try to gain attention by putting the players on the maximum volume. You can not escape that music even in vans.
Last month we all might have heard the song  Haykakan drakht- Armenian Paradise from the film Mer Bak 3(Our Yard). The top anthem of this month is the song by Armenchik and Kristine Pepelyan. Two different voices which do not accord with each other. I think by singing a duet with Armenchik, who is well known and popular among American Diasporans, Kristine wanted to get fame in America as well, but she failed, because her voice is quite deafen by that of Armenchik’s (Although her voice is deafen even when she sings alone). Armenchik sings what he is  majored in, that is to say rabiz. At least he doesn’t go astray and doesn’t sing for example classic music. But there’s a strange stir among Armenian pop singers, who are not determined yet about  what their genre is.
This going on  “Inchu…akh inchu”s can drive me crazy if it continues to be played in the public the coming week. My ear and mind are not ready to admit it. Though today I, the great opponent of rabiz music, caught me on murmuring that song. I fell from grace in my eyes, but what could I do, it had already occupied my mind.
But there’s a joyous news. I’m so happy that the real Armenian national music, which is commonly known as 6/8 is gaining the upper hand over all this stuff in Armenian musical sphere. This singer  represents that music perfectly and best of all – Hamlet Gevorgyan, with his “Jeyranes dues”. The youth seemingly likes him and now due mainly to singers like him  Armenian National song is back again.


16 Responses to “Temporal anthems”

  1. Oneworld Multimedia :: Notes from the Armenian Blogosphere :: February :: 2006 Says:

    […] Meanwhile, Zarchka at Life Around Me talks about some good and not so good developments in the local music scene. However, she’s not impressed by a duet performed by Armenchik and Kristine Pepelyan and suggests the latter might have motives other than musical for the collaboration. Two different voices which do not accord with each other. I think by singing a duet with Armenchik, who is well known and popular among American Diasporans, Kristine wanted to get fame in America as well, but she failed, because her voice is quite deafen by that of Armenchik’s (Although her voice is deafen even when she sings alone). Armenchik sings what he is majored in, that is to say rabiz. At least he doesn’t go astray and doesn’t sing for example classic music. But there’s a strange stir among Armenian pop singers, who are not determined yet about what their genre is. […]

  2. Alyonushka Says:

    Hi Zarchka. I am happy to hear you again.As I noticed you have paid attention to nowdays music which sounds everywhere. I agree with you that it is unpleasant thing to hear the same music all the time.
    What concerns the song “Inchu” I think that the song itself is well composed, just the singers’ voices are not compatible.

  3. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Armenia: Temporary Anthems Says:

    […] Zarchka writes about Armenia’s temporary anthems, the songs that suddenly become popular and are played everywhere. […]

  4. Arsen V. Safaryan Says:

    Listen Zarchka you seem to read my mind and write it down to this website. Thank you. I start to think that you are the one of those strenghts wich are going to move armenian youth (I mean us) to higher living standards, respect to our national values and our fatherland / mother country.
    I’m to completly agree with you about musical distruction and so called “temporal anthems of people of Armenia”.
    You know I’ve noticed situations when a rabiz-man listens to a brand-new “anthem” his or her friend automatically adopts to that shit even if it’s not pleasant to him or her. And I feel that they do so to stay in touch but they don’t feel that they are goin’ more and more stupid with this shit. Sorry but I can’t call this so called rabiz “anthems” any other way than SHIT.
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. Zarchka Says:

    While writing this blog I thought that rabiz fans would oppose me greatly, but later I didn’t have to ponder thoroughly to come to the understanding that if they were so much capable to use Internet they wouldn’t listen to rabiz. I keep to the idea that judging by what music the person prefers, we can define what characteristics he has. I don’t mean depending on the mood, but the music which coincides with our inner life. We might define music as expression in sound, or the expression of thought and feeling in an aesthetic form. Listening to music can be an emotional experience or an intellectual exercise. If we succeed in blending the two, we are on the road to gaining the ultimate pleasure from music.
    And these are some of the factors which аre absolutely absent in rabiz and suchlike crap in Armenian musical scene.

  6. Harmick Azarian Says:

    The issue here to me is the fact that whilst rabiz may not be likeable for many – it is indeed popular . I don’t think it is fair to classify Armenchik as he is now as “rabiz” infact, his vocal talent is matched by few of Armenia’s so called “Idols”.

    His songs are well produced, with live instruments, a rarity again in music produced in Armenia- and I often wonder, why is it that the Armenian tv sees fit to air songs by the likes of “Shicker”, or “Nana” who blatantly have no talent – yet Armenchik who has worked his way up to a high place, is ignored.

    I completely Agree that it is great that Hamlet Gevorgyan still has popularity. It is amazing to see such music in the charts of Armenia when all I see here in the UK is half naked women and rap songs about sex, which become very, very boring.

  7. Zarchka Says:

    How could I forget Nana..!! Incidentally she is one of those who sings, better to say pretends to sing, half naked. I know that she was engaged and her fiancée was in America, then he broke the engagement ( perhaps that’s because he found out that she is registered at police as a prostitute), but now Nana gives interviews everywhere explaining that just the American Embassy turned her down. But still she is fortunate in her “business” as she is the lover of influential and wealthy people, and is backed by them. This is the real way those cheap singers invade musical sphere. No matter you have voice or no, you are talented or ungifted. You must be someone’s lover, this is more important.
    And one more thing. Recently the concert of Armenchik was broadcasted on TV. It was in one of the biggest, if not in the hugest concert hall of America, the hall where Grammy Awards takes place. Armenian singers will always only dream about having such a concert, with such a great audience, shining lights, live music. And although I don’t like rabiz, this is worth saying: “Apres, Armenchik, bravo!! I appreciate your work!”

  8. Freedom Says:

    Hi Zarchka,

    Great post as usual.

    I am not a big fan of the pop music they have in Armenia (and some diasporan singers in the States as well!). It’s becoming too ‘hasarag’, to tell you the truth. I also do not like rabiz music. I prefer Armenian folk music, joghovrtagan yerker, that is.. Have you heard of Hrant and Kayane? They are black Armenians who have two albums (they might have more, but I only know of two). I like the way they sing; I mean, it’s nothing that would leave your mouth open and jaw dropped, but I think they give a fairly good rendition.. You can check out their album here.

  9. Zarchka Says:

    Hmm… never heard of Hrant and Kayane. What you mean “black Armenians”..”Afroarmenains”? 🙂 Anyway. I asked several people, they don’t know either.

  10. Freedom Says:

    I mean they are black (in terms of skin colour) and they are also Armenian. 🙂

    You will find out about them if you google Hrant and Gayane.

    Cheers. 🙂

  11. Onnik Krikorian Says:


  12. Zarchka Says:

    aaaaa!!! Evrika!! Now I know who you are talking about. Of course I know them..Here in Armenia they are more popular for being black skinned who talk Armenian than for singing. I have met them for several times at different concerts, competitions, though didn’t know their names. And I’ve noticed how usually people point them out saying; “Look, these are the black guys who speak Armenian!” Yes, I admit, it is not a common scene in Armenia. Gayane now is a presenter of a TV program connected with some coffee making. I think she does it better than singing. But Hrant has an interesting voice and style and he can progress.

  13. Zarchka Says:

    Onnik, thanks for the link.

  14. RABIZMANIA « Life around me Says:

    […] In one of my past posts I wrote about a rabiz song sang by Armenchik and Qristine Pepelyan, the latter being an exe pop singer. I say an “exe” because now she has decided to turn into a total rabiz singer. She shot an extremely tasteless and over-rabiz video clip where she performs her dancing abilities or rather proofs that she cannot move her body, and sings her recurrent rabiz melody with her “always unchangeable” deafened voice. It was funny to read one of the smses stating: “Your video clip resembles a Persian waffle” (Persian waffles are considered the most cheap and of the inferior quality). “Hey, Barbie, so many years passed and you didn’t learn singing and shaking your bum, (in the screen I mean)” – I guess I will SMS something like this. […]

  15. Silva Hakobyan at BBC’s Hunt « Life around me Says:

    […] Although it will not pass omit to mention that Silva’s song “Gisher” has become the new anthem of Armenia, as I had posted about the tradition of changing anthems. Well, the girl has a good voice, much better than that of the most Armenian “Pop stars”, but the fact of being nominated itself is rather interesting, because her song is a typical melody that we are used to hear right from the point when the Armenian new pop music came into existence. I know she has had several failures as well as successes during competitions, also that her family members are musicians and that they help her a lot in her career making, also having Aram Avagyan as her producer (not a big deal though), well, let’s see what she will end up with. […]

  16. Uraaaaa!!!! No miming by law!!! « Life around me Says:

    […] I posted here regarding the same crappy, lifeless music in Armenia – Diversity??, Rabizmania, Temporal anthems… and a number of some […]

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