My flu

Fuuu…. I got flu. I hope it’s not the one we afraid so much. Still I don’t make animal and chicken sounds, and there are no feathers on my body, which means there’s a hope to survive. I should have listened to my grandma warning me not to sit at the computer for such a long time, because she had heard that dangerous viruses are transmitted via internet 🙂  One of the latest jokes connected with bird flu ( yea, other people think hard to stop this disease and we create new jokes): 

– Have you heard that Bryusov University is going to be closed? 

– Why? 

– It’s said to be a bird flu there ( tsti gripa). 

Here you had to laugh. For those who understood- hahaha!!! 🙂 

And another one: 

The birds are said not to fly to Armenia because the taxes on the board are too heavy 🙂 

I guess I must drink many, many cups of tea.. that’s not a chicken syndrome, right? 




3 Responses to “My flu”

  1. Nessuna Says:

    Get well soon! … and let’s celebrate spring 🙂

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Thanks Nessuna, , and yes, It’s awful to fell ill when the sun is shining outdoors, but I’m not going to stay at home. You’re right, let’s celebrate this spring!!

  3. Sanne Says:

    Wish you to be better soon too!

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