Today I got on a van and heard a music coming from somewhere. As it was noisy I assumed it was played in the passing–by car. But later, I couldn’t believe my ears… Barry White was played in the van!!!… The van driver was listening to Barry White music. That really amused me and I started smiling, but I chucked it then when I noticed that a woman was observing me with her penetrative eyes. But, anyway, I was so much delighted and amazed that finally I found a van shofer (driver) who was listening to Barry White instead of some low-quality and tasteless singers like Tatul, Gagul, Saqul or whatsoever… 

There’s a progress…huh? 🙂 

4 Responses to “WOW..!!!”

  1. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Armenia: Progress Says:

    […] Zarchka reports that there are small signs of progress in the music played on Armenian transit. […]

  2. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Hmmm, depends on whether you like Barry White or not… None of my friends in the UK do, but then again, they’re not middle age housewives… 😉

  3. Zarchka Says:

    Onnik, will you compare it with the music that governs here in Armenia?.. I mean rabiz like I don’t know who, because I don’t know distinct names It’s not that I listent to Barry White day in day out, but I like his style.
    Middle age housewives… sarcastic?

  4. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Wasn’t meant to be sarcastic, although it has to be said that when the Editor from the Armenian Weekly in Boston came to Armenia in 2001 he was amazed that young people would listen to Barry White. In the UK, and among my friends in particular, those listening to the man himself are usually stereotyped as bored middle aged housewives fantasizing about some luurv…

    Anyway, I think that a mature music scene in any country is when anyone can listen to what they want. In Armenia, that means rock, pop, jazz, rabiz, russian and western. There’s good and bad in all genres, but all are necessary. The problem with Armenia is that as with everything else, even the music scene is polarized.

    Personally, I’d rather get into a van playing rabiz than Barry White which just goes to show how taste is subjective. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be any music playing at all in ANY form of public transport. You can’t please all the people all the time, and I think there’s a reason in the West why we don’t have drivers selecting a playlist for the day.

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