1st of April, April Fools’ Day?!

Yesterday early in the morning my little brother said that there was something on my cheek. After having looked in the mirror I realized that he was joking. “It’s written there that today is April Fools’ Day and that your brother has just played a prank”, he said giggling. Later my coursemate told me that our dean had met our expectations and that he had changed the  professor who we didn’t want to teach us. I wanted to believe it but I couldn’t. It was too much to be true, they never do what students ask. Then my elder brother called me and said that I had to be at home as I had some urgent things to do. For a moment I believed him, but that very moment I was doing the most urgent thing I had planned for yesterday.

Anyway,  April Fool's Day fun was limited on this, because when I came home and turned on TV not to get bored while doing ironing, I found nothing but more tedious programs which were despondently trying to divert people. For instance that guy Samvel Bagdasaryan as usual was parodying some politicians and other known people ( I hold back saying famous people). And as usual you feel like  laughing at least once after he has uttered a monologue lasting some 5 minutes. Yet the real parodist must make people laugh at his every single word as is the case with Russian parodists ( not all of them, but anyway). Incidentally they don't only parody politicians, which is getting bored in Armenia, but they also create their own situations and scenarios.

Later our electricity was turned down and we learnt that there were malfunctions with electric power station. And I had to postpone this log to today.

Although now 1st of April is accepted as a state holiday, still there are enormous steps to be done to reach the level, when this holiday will be celebrated throughout  Armenia as it befits one. I think this holiday must be celebrated everywhere, not only by children but by elders as well. Why not to change this day into a day of fun, real fun, where there won’t be things to worry about or burdens to carry?  Let people play silly but harmless jokes on each other and let they laugh. Let's enjoy ourselves and let's make merry!!


5 Responses to “1st of April, April Fools’ Day?!”

  1. Freedom Says:

    April fool’s day is a state holiday in Armenia???? Eench?

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Yap, this is not an April 1st joke!! It’s a state holiday “Tsitsakhi ton”..

  3. Nanyaar? Says:

    Well , I dont have college on saturdays so I still cant belive what you are saying is true, Anyways It sure wud be great to enjoy, no matter when.. Armenia really needs to take a break and have a change!

    Btw., in my dorm someone started out this rumor which was supposed to be a april fool joke that there wud be no water and it turn out that we really did have no water!!


  4. Freedom Says:

    Wow, that is very interesting!!! It’s the first time I hear such a thing. 😛

    Nanyar, how long have you been in Armenia? 🙂 Ahh and since we’re at it, I love curry and Indian food in general. 😀

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Nanyaar, take my word for granted 😉 I’m not kidding.
    At least you were told about the water to be cut. We weren’t predicted an explosion to happen in the electric power station. So, you are lucky 🙂

    I wonder do you have water now?

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