“We lost with dignity”…

I totally forgot to let you know how the Armenian youth korfball team played at The 1st Youth Championship in Holland.

  They took two cups. You wonder? Don't you believe me? No, I'm not kidding, see such things also happen. Just they took one cup for holding the last place, which was predicted, and the other one for playing a fair game without any fault. Now you can really wonder. We all knew that these kids couldn't have any possible chance to win those teams which practice Korfball for many years, who take part in many competitions. Since there are no many Armenian youth  teams who can compete with each other and that's why they lack practice. But the fact that it was the only team which played a fair game suggests itself that they know the game theoretically and that they did their best.

What is done couldn't be undone. But they don't go into a tailspin and when I talked to some of them they assured me to practice more. This was a step forward and we'll do our best to win places closer to the first one during  next competitions-said Astghik,one of the players laughing.


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  1. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Armenia: Korfball Trophies Says:

    […] Zarchka updates readers on the performance of the Armenian youth korfball at the recent world tournament at which they took two trophies, but not necessarily the ones they hoped for. […]

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