113 people died… Play of Destiny?

It was a shock for
Armenia to learn the tragic news of Armenian passenger plane crushed off in Adler,
Sochi. It took life of 113 people, among them children. You can find the latest news on the accident here.

 An Armenian passenger plane crashed in stormy weather Wednesday off Russia's Black Sea coast while readying to land, killing all 113 people on board _ most of them Armenians.

The Airbus A-320, which belonged to the Armenian airline Armavia, disappeared from radar screens about four miles from shore and crashed after making a turn toward the Adler airport near the southern Russian city of

Officials said all 113 people aboard the plane, including six children, were killed. It was the worst air disaster in
's recent history.

Armenian airline officials said they believed the crash was due to the weather _ driving rain and low visibility. Investigators did not believe terrorism was a factor.

This caused a deep  panic among Armenians. Everyone rushed to find out whether there were relatives or friends among the passengers. The telephone in our house wasn’t hung up the whole day. Later we learnt that my doctor’s brother’s young son, 25 years, was in the plane.  

My deepest condolences to every family who has suffered this terrible tragedy. I’m a with you and really feel for this, I can’t stop thinking of it a single minute. 

Death always brings sorrow but this is the case when those people can’t even think that the other minute they will leave this world for ever. This is not fair. If we believe in destiny, how can destinies of so many people be connected with each other? I believe that each of them had its goals in life, some of them could be the only children of the family and their relatives might had pinned their hopes with them, yet…  Destiny played a cruel game with them. Who is to be blamed now? 

 Let their soul be in peace… May God speed you…

2 Responses to “113 people died… Play of Destiny?”

  1. Global Voices Online Says:

    Armenian Blogs on the Armavia Crash

    An Airbus A320 flown by the Armenian airline Armavia crashed into the Black Sea, killing all 113 passengers and crew onboard–the worst air crash in Armenia’s history. In early reaction to the story, Christian Garbis said that the crash wil…

  2. Fob Says:

    It’s awful thing . I’m sorry for it. Today by Armenian TV channels there were programs about passangers . It was so bad to look at passangers’s parents and relatives. They were cry and losing their minds.
    I hope that is will be the last crash.

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