Quick notes

It’s 3 am and I just got home. I’m so tired but it was such a day as to brush away all the unpleasant things. The opening of “One nation, one culture” festival was a great success. I doubt that ever before Armenians gave such an amazing undertaking. Everything was organized in such a delicate and refined manner.

The group from Kazakhstan who I guide consists of only five dancers and the others are just accompanying. In total of 12 people. They turned out to be nice people and I hope to get more acquainted during these days. And certainly I advise you not to miss this chance and participate in everything which is happening in the town these days.

Anyways, now I have to pack my things for tomorrow’s trip to Goris then Stepanakert. I’ll be back by 26 so to manage to pass my quiz in time.

2 Responses to “Quick notes”

  1. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Unpleasant things? Sounds horrible.

    You’ll enjoy Karabakh no doubt, and I’m sure that on your return you won’t encounter unpleasant things again, or those that upset you.

    Enjoy the trip. Hope you manage to get back to Yerevan via Kelbajar. Now that really is an amazing journey.

  2. Oneworld Multimedia Says:

    Scatology, Yerevan…

    Scatology, Stop Club, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia © Onnik Krikorian / Hetq Online 2006
    While the opening of the One Nation — One Culture festival was underway, members of Armenia’s albeit small alternative scene instead had the opport…

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