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Now we have a “Hye Super Star”

July 30, 2006

Probably almost everyone has learnt about the project called “Hye Super Star” which is the Armenian variant of British famous “Idols” . The project in Armenia was launched 6 months ago by Shant TV and today already we know the name of Armenian super star.

The famous British “Idols”’ appearance in Armenia is a major achievement for the Armenian audience. The purpose of this is to discover the best participants and to prepare artists, who can be considered pop-music performers according to international standards.

11 participants out of 5000 were competing with each other for obtaining the right to be called “Hye Super Star”. Armenia is the smallest country among the others where this project has taken place. Many people were pessimistic about the process and the outcome of this new project but I must say that it was a great success among population and was on the rate during all this time.


Melon is lethal?!

July 29, 2006

Just learnt a rumor that a family in Edjmiatsin died of eating honey after eating melon. Never heard that those two deliciously sweet substances may be so dangerous when mixed together. They are said to enter into reaction which makes poison extremely dangerous and that may bring to a rapid death. Does anyone know anything about it? However never try to practice it as to test the truth of the statement, just in any case never eat melon and honey together as to be on the safe side.

As it is melon and watermelon season and one may never be aware of the equivocal origin of these vegetables, so far I’ve learnt many cases of poisoning which luckily had a happy end after medical interference. One advice also particularly regarding holiday season is that never eat melon on the beach-side as to avoid stomach-ache or other cases of poisoning.

This is not to scare but to warn. And incidentally, I just adore melon, but now I will be more careful in choosing the place and other food while eating it. Be healthy.

The city kills me…

July 22, 2006

Recently I’ve been kept by the idea of going to a village and spending a week there. First thing which pushed me to that thinking was to have some rest which I still don’t manage to have after my classes, examination period and on top of all the course paper which I have to hand in September, but I’m still working on it.

After being to Drakhtik village I had my old recollections drove back and remembered the happy time I spent every summer in Ilan-Chalan village in Aparan. I was a 12-13 years old girl then but everyone would take me for a boy, that is because I was always with boys, running, climbing high trees, jumping from the garden fences when I was not allowed to go out, stealing fruit from a neighbor’s garden, standing a guard over my relative’s garden and riding my favorite horse called Kassandra.. And not to forget to mention one thing which I was always ashamed to tell to my classmates after the holidays, because I had a fear that they’d make fun out of it. Anyways, now I even feel like telling everyone that I was a shepherd girl for a while and along with other girls we would take the sheep to the fields and hills. Those were the most joyous years if I recollect now.

Having the village sight in front of my eyes for a moment I felt that I miss those years so much that now I’m only captured by the idea to spend some time at a village. This city life may kill you if you live there for a long time. Now I’m so tired of that raising ugly buildings, cafes instead of trees, traffic mess and noise, asphalt instead of grass that my only desire for the moment is to run away from this place which is becoming a hell now.

Those resting houses are not what I need as well because I also want to escape from the people from the capital who always think that they are somewhat privileged if they have money to have their rest at an expensive resting house in Jermuk, Tsakhkadzor or Dilidjan. This isn’t rest however, it is something to show off and by the time they come back they only count the amount of money they spent there and kind of boasting tell it worldwide. They, people who don’t forget to take to a resting place all their golden jewelry and put them on each on their turn, as a rule, never rest for resting. The only thing they care about is the image, only, the vainglory and idle vaunt. I want nothing which will remind me of the city life and those people.

If you are a foreigner and want to learn about a country’s real life, never stay in the capital or in a big city, go to a village and you’ll be given an ample opportunity to study that country in its real colors. Villagers are precisely those people who preserve the moral, culture, tradition in their invariants. You want to find a person presenting the face of the country, find them among the same villagers and not among the city-dwellers and in the city, where everything is so confusing, exasperating and not understandable.

The city is a cheap killer who acts so slowly and with an extreme caution, that the victim is not even aware of it. It is like a poison which goes into the blood so warily and hits the person when it is too late to take measures. But it kills not the person but the human.

It is not accidentally that I had this thoughts again. A friend’s sister invited me to her place. They live in Ararati Marz, Gyugh Darakert, it is not so far from Yerevan, 15-20 minutes by car. They are such good people, brilliant, open-hearted, hospitable. They work on the soil the whole day and it’s hard but they do it with love, and they still preserve those human features. As soon as we got there I started watching around and couldn’t restrain myself from gathering apples, raspberry and blackberry and eating on the spot. My fingers were all black though. Then I asked for a cellophane and started gathering verdure called ‘dandur’ which they pull out and throw though it is eatable, but many people don’t, however that is my favorite dish when prepared with garlic and vinegar, or garlic and matsoun. They don’t know what they lose. Yammii… But nothing will give the pleasure of pulling a tomato directly from the plant and eating it right there with village made lavash and cheese. In the end of the day, when it was night , the electricity was turned off and the remarkable day was concluded by the candle burning in the middle of the room and enlightening the cozy house and people around it telling different stories. And this completed the village-life canvas.

I want to call back those years, I want to work on the soil, I want to water the plants, gather the fruit, feed the animal. I wish it so much… Though I’m afraid that the city life has spoilt me in a way and I can’t do the things the way I used to. But the city still kills me with its everyday problems. I want to escape, but can I?

Probably people living in villages want to escape from that life and live in the city. Can they?
Life is funny. Or it is funny how it appeals to different people.

Don’t kill me, I’m your dweller, do you care? I do care, so I escape…

`Keep tap shut!! Water is money.

July 11, 2006

I enter a shop. The saleswoman is sitting with her hand on her cheek, usual state of idleness. I pay attention to the running water right next to her. After some seconds of looking at each other I say:
“The tap is open and the water is running”.
Probably she doesn’t expect me to say that and thinking that she has misheard says:
“I say the tap is open and the water is running”.
“Uhh… Yes, let it run and get a little bit colder”.
I look at her with no reaction.
“It won’t go to much waste”,- she hurries to add with a smile and I also reply to it with a slight artificial smile on my lips, making an attempt to admit her argumentation.

Five minutes pass. I can’t find what I look for, but the water is still running. It hasn’t get colder yet. More five minutes. She doesn’t even seem thirsty and the water is still going to waste thumping heavily over the wash-stand. I want to remind her that the water is the coldest already, but I kind of escape making any trouble this time. I simply cast a glance at the tap then the saleswoman and leave.

One may think Armenia is situated on a island in the middle of The Pacific ocean and it possess the whole amount of water surrounding it. This may be also assumed suggested by the huge amount of running water fountains in the city. No, the idea of having water fountains at every corner so that people can quench their thrust is great. This was also noted by one of the participants of “One nation, one culture” festival from Kazakhstan, who said that one may never find such water fountains in Alma-Ata and they have to buy water if they suddenly feel thirsty in the street.

So, they know the price of water and we don’t. Those water fountains also fall in waste as they run day in day out. Meanwhile the solution is simple: installing cock handles and when a person wants to drink, he revolves it and the water runs, then they revolve it back. But, wait. Again this argumentation – the water will not be cold then. Perhaps they’ll be so kind as to devote a little part of their precious time and wait for several seconds for the water to gain the coldness they desire. Someone said “Time is money”, and let me say: water is money as well.

Now I think that we never knew the price of clean running water, whereas most foreigners do, as there are no many countries who are privileged to drink water directly from the tap. Even with the water taxes spiraling upwards Armenians are not used to economizing water and shutting the trap when there’s no need of water, not even mentioning them thinking about economic problems. This drives me only to the idea that we like the noise water makes while falling to waste. Probably some people may have the sensation of being next to a river relishing their lives. Just they have forgotten to put on their swimsuits.

Don’t go deep into that water attraction, you may be drown one day and shut your taps!!! .

Fan? Not a fan…

July 10, 2006

I’ve never been a football fan, always changed the channel when a football was on. I’ve always considered it a boring game. This time it rose my interest, whether the championship was intriguing or I liked my sudden correct predictions about the outcome of several games. No, I never bet, if with friends only. Though I bet with my little brother that Italy would win only thanks to the penalty shoot-outs. Now my brother has to wash his socks by himself 😉

Not a fan still. Though last four games grasped me the way that I was counting the minutes for them to start. Last two games I watched with my brothers and, certainly, I was the subject of their mockery with my stupid questions on football that every little child knows. Do they really? Well, it was a revalation for me to know that defenders defend the goals and not the players, or defend the goals from the players, or isn’t it so? I guess I can’t get it still.

Probably not knowing much helps to predict the outcome. My brothers bet for several times and lost all the money. Surely it was not that much as to go mad, which was the case with an Armenian young man who grambled heavily on Brazil and losing the borrowed money saw no other option but a suicide. Sad, very sad, but rumours insist.

On mentioning Brazil remembered a joke:

Armenia plays with Brazil (already funny, yeah?).Brazil is ahead with the score 15:0. Armenian coach cheers up the players: ‘Don’t lose hope, boys, not everything is lost . Seven minutes are only passed yet’. 😉

Will some day the Armenian football rise my interest sо that I watch it with the same enthusiasm? Yes, undoubtedly, when the hell becomes frozen.

So, when is the next championship? 😉

Russian pop-singer Jasmine beaten by skinheads?

July 4, 2006

I was in shock when I learnt the news of Russian pop-singer Jasmine being severely beaten up for two days in the settlement Zhukovka. I thought probably this is another chain of rumors unless I found this in Russian International Network site.

Pop-singer Jasmine was delivered from the settlement Zhukovka into one of Moscow hospitals with the numerous injuries and the brain concussion, media report.

On Tuesday the emergency service received the call from the settlement Zhukovka. The doctors arrived to the place found there the well-known singer, whom at first they could not recognize because of the numerous abrasions on her face.

The girl was taken to the hospital, where after examination she was diagnosed to have closed craniocerebral injury, the break of the back of nose, plural hematomas and asthenic syndrome. The singer was in the deep psychological shock.

Jasmine told to the doctors that she had been beaten for two days; however, she refused to talk to the journalists. After rendering the first aid to the singer, the physicians sent telephone message into the militia, since, judging by the nature of injuries, they could have criminal origin. At the present moment the police conduct investigation on the fact of causing serious damages, criminal case is not filed so far.


“One nation, one culture” came to its temporal end

July 1, 2006

During this cultural week I was trying to remember everything as to write later, but now, when I eventually reached my computer, it feels as if I’m wordless, whether it’s because of so many impressions I got or now I’m too tired to remember those events. But one thing for sure: everything was just great and well organized. Certainly I don’t exclude that there were many things regarding management which could be done more properly, but this is how we study on our mistakes. They assured to improve those unsatisfying points by the next festival, which will take place after 2 years.
The geography of participants was very ample. Most participants were from Russia, Georgia, Karabakh,then United States, Iran, Australia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Italy, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Great Britain, Switzerland, Chekhov, Syria, Rumania, Javakhq, Ukraine, France. Special delegations made of some of those groups had concerts in different Armenian regions and Karabakh as well.  (more…)