Russian pop-singer Jasmine beaten by skinheads?

I was in shock when I learnt the news of Russian pop-singer Jasmine being severely beaten up for two days in the settlement Zhukovka. I thought probably this is another chain of rumors unless I found this in Russian International Network site.

Pop-singer Jasmine was delivered from the settlement Zhukovka into one of Moscow hospitals with the numerous injuries and the brain concussion, media report.

On Tuesday the emergency service received the call from the settlement Zhukovka. The doctors arrived to the place found there the well-known singer, whom at first they could not recognize because of the numerous abrasions on her face.

The girl was taken to the hospital, where after examination she was diagnosed to have closed craniocerebral injury, the break of the back of nose, plural hematomas and asthenic syndrome. The singer was in the deep psychological shock.

Jasmine told to the doctors that she had been beaten for two days; however, she refused to talk to the journalists. After rendering the first aid to the singer, the physicians sent telephone message into the militia, since, judging by the nature of injuries, they could have criminal origin. At the present moment the police conduct investigation on the fact of causing serious damages, criminal case is not filed so far.

According to rumors afloat, Jasmine was beaten by skinheads on the same ground that the pop-singer is considered to have an Armenian background. I wonder whether Russian singers, who are not the same as Armenians, have body-guards and that their security system is so weak as not to care for the two days lasting disappearance of such a well-known singer.

On that, nationalist skinheads’ attacks and attempts to kill Armenians are still continuing. Yesterday, again, two young skinheads tried to kill two young Armenians in the metro station.As Arminfo reports:

On 2 July in the evening, a group of teens attacked two Armenians in a tube train. Both the Armenians, Vacheh Tovmasyan (20) and Varazdat Hakobyan (23) got knife wounds. At the underground station “Kuznetsky Most” they applied for first aid and were hospitalized. The attackers escaped. The injured say they were attacked by aggressive young people in black and with knives as soon as they came out of the train.

Luckily they both were injured, one from the head, the other from the neck, and the nationalists couldn’t manage to complete their hectic mission. But can we hope that will be the case in the future? One of them is said to be arrested, but they are dime a dozen such, and the hemorrhage is supposed to be continued. What will be next? Shall we wait idle by to see that?


9 Responses to “Russian pop-singer Jasmine beaten by skinheads?”

  1. Oneworld Multimedia :: More Racist Attacks in Russia :: July :: 2006 Says:

    […] As some circles attempt to limit concerns about the increasing number of attacks on Armenians in Russia, Zarchka at Life Around Me says that they continue to occur. One of the attacks was on popular Russian singer Jasmine. Interestingly, although her attackers identified her as an ethnic Armenian, the singer is said to deny this. Nevertheless, she does look Armenian, and many consider that her name is a westernized version of Hasmik. On Tuesday the emergency service received the call from the settlement Zhukovka. The doctors arrived to the place found there the well-known singer, whom at first they could not recognize because of the numerous abrasions on her face. […]

  2. Oneworld Multimedia :: Anti-Armenian Tensions Escalate in Russia :: September :: 2006 Says:

    […] It’s a pity that Nessuna deleted her blog recently because covering issues like this was close to her heart. Now, all those posts she made are gone and nothing stands for the record in what sounds like a very serious problem indeed. Still, she did write something for me on this blog, and other local bloggers such as Zarchka at Life Around Me also touched upon the issue. Posted by Onnik @ 2:23 am. Filed under: Armenia, Minorities, Society, Human Rights, Caucasus, Russia […]

  3. leo_matousian Says:

    its realy funny to hear that some one is getting bitted from
    skinheads cause of having armenian background.
    skinheads usually fight agains non aryans.
    and armenians were one of the oldest aryan nations.
    are these skinheads real russian patriots ?
    or just gangs controlled by pro jewish/pro turkic leaders ?

    i have lots of russian skinheads real russian patriots they never
    attack on armenians.
    they attack on so called armenians that are yezidis.
    btw most of the armenians of russia are not real armenians.
    they are yezidis.they speak another language and their another race
    but they usually have armenian second names and claim that they
    are real armenians.

    they are getting kicked out of armenia by armenian aryan union.

    here are some facts about armenians and some pics.which proves that
    we are aryans.and dont deserve to get kicked from any skinhead.if hes
    real skinhead of course.

  4. Zarchka Says:

    Leo you really think they take into account the aryan factor? Just that those people have black complexion, that’s the only important factor for them. And it’s not even funny, it’s outrageous. It’s a big tragedy and none of the both sides take measures to stop it somehow.

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Though in Jasmin’s case, as it turned out later, she was beaten by her husband.

  6. Vanya Says:

    Absolutley everything regaridng Jasmin is pizdesh. She’s do this for attention and to frame others.

  7. Angelina Says:

    It is very sad to learn that in this time and age, we still have such a backward thinking people. I believe this type of mentality comes primarily from poor household upbringing as well as weak Russian Governmental System. “Hate” is well known to be a cause of countless tragedies throughout history (e.g. holocaust, etc.) The upsetting part of all is that people do not learn from those events. Lack of progress, education and positive societal and household values, produce such a degrading clusters of animals like “skinheads”. They need something to do, something to belong to and believe into, and unfortunately this luxury is not offered yet in that part of the world. All you can do is hope for change and enlightenment.

  8. Bootaskin Says:

    Ill Punish these motherfuckin skinheads so hard, they are mindless twits who deserve to get beaten to a pulp. If I come across any one of them Im gonna put them 6 feet under

  9. Angelina Says:

    I do not believe violence is the answer to the correction of this madness. You have got to kill them with kindness.

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