Fan? Not a fan…

I’ve never been a football fan, always changed the channel when a football was on. I’ve always considered it a boring game. This time it rose my interest, whether the championship was intriguing or I liked my sudden correct predictions about the outcome of several games. No, I never bet, if with friends only. Though I bet with my little brother that Italy would win only thanks to the penalty shoot-outs. Now my brother has to wash his socks by himself 😉

Not a fan still. Though last four games grasped me the way that I was counting the minutes for them to start. Last two games I watched with my brothers and, certainly, I was the subject of their mockery with my stupid questions on football that every little child knows. Do they really? Well, it was a revalation for me to know that defenders defend the goals and not the players, or defend the goals from the players, or isn’t it so? I guess I can’t get it still.

Probably not knowing much helps to predict the outcome. My brothers bet for several times and lost all the money. Surely it was not that much as to go mad, which was the case with an Armenian young man who grambled heavily on Brazil and losing the borrowed money saw no other option but a suicide. Sad, very sad, but rumours insist.

On mentioning Brazil remembered a joke:

Armenia plays with Brazil (already funny, yeah?).Brazil is ahead with the score 15:0. Armenian coach cheers up the players: ‘Don’t lose hope, boys, not everything is lost . Seven minutes are only passed yet’. 😉

Will some day the Armenian football rise my interest sо that I watch it with the same enthusiasm? Yes, undoubtedly, when the hell becomes frozen.

So, when is the next championship? 😉


8 Responses to “Fan? Not a fan…”

  1. Esoteric Says:

    Aww, what a shame. I’m a massive fan of football. I’m not the statistical type of football nut, I’m more focused on technique over percentages. I think it’s the most beautiful game to have ever graced the planet earth. Such simplicity, yet such depth. I have also played every year since I was 3 years old.

    Nappy or not, gimme that ball woooooo!

    I’m an avid fan of the Primera Liga, the Socceroos and España. Watching as many matches as I can: on TV, at an RSL, or an Ethnic Club, be it league, qualifiers, friendlies or whatever.

    And let’s not forget Armenia, back in the days of Spartak Moscow, we were quite a footballing force, and Andranik Eskandarian what a legend!!! Whenever there is a qualifier for the world cup I go over to my friend’s place to watch the Armenia matches on her quad-channel-digital-satellite-TV-super-box dedicated purely for football!!!

    I love her for letting me come over even if it’s 4AM and they’re all sleeping. =) You can take my life, but you can never take my football!

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Well, tastes differ. I was a basketball fan several years ago while I was playing in the school league. But now it’s not interesting for me. Interests also are being changed along with the time, along with life. Let’s see what I’ll end up with 😉

  3. Esoteric Says:

    Yes, that’s true, people change their tastes as their character changes. I don’t know if it’s my Cancerian nature or what though, because I tend to stay bitterly loyal to things that have given me such fond memories. There’s no way I could abandon football even if I wanted to… It’s not morally right you see! 🙂

  4. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    I don’t usually like watching football, and not least because the English team always disappoint along with the more unsavoury elements among British fans, but I have to admit that the few games I watched for this World Cup were okay. Maybe it was the company, but watching the final was certainly fun. Probably Nessuna painting her face in the colours of the Italian flag set the scene that night. I suppose when that happened, the night could only be fun.

  5. Esoteric Says:

    Is that Nessuna? Awww! What a champion! Isn’t it great when you have enthusiastic people around yourself? They make all the difference at any event.

    I don’t think I would enjoy life without the determined to be bubbley, crazy and often drunk people around me.

  6. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Strangely, Nessuna doesn’t drink. She does this sober… 😉

    Even more delightfully crazy 😉

  7. Esoteric Says:

    Well most fans start out sober anyway, otherwise their face-paint would look like something out of an expressionist gallery. Yes, that was the voice of experience speaking. Maybe Ness doesn’t have enough bad influences… Bring her to Australia, we’ll make a drinker out of her yet!

    With the invention of that Swedish filteration device, which removes the need for matching blood types in a liver transplant, non-drinkers are fast running out of excuses!


  8. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Nessuna drinking and on the loose in Australia?

    Poor Australians…


    Just kidding, Nessuna…


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