Melon is lethal?!

Just learnt a rumor that a family in Edjmiatsin died of eating honey after eating melon. Never heard that those two deliciously sweet substances may be so dangerous when mixed together. They are said to enter into reaction which makes poison extremely dangerous and that may bring to a rapid death. Does anyone know anything about it? However never try to practice it as to test the truth of the statement, just in any case never eat melon and honey together as to be on the safe side.

As it is melon and watermelon season and one may never be aware of the equivocal origin of these vegetables, so far I’ve learnt many cases of poisoning which luckily had a happy end after medical interference. One advice also particularly regarding holiday season is that never eat melon on the beach-side as to avoid stomach-ache or other cases of poisoning.

This is not to scare but to warn. And incidentally, I just adore melon, but now I will be more careful in choosing the place and other food while eating it. Be healthy.


11 Responses to “Melon is lethal?!”

  1. Esoteric Says:

    Hmm. Not that I know of. Neither should mixing the two be lethal. I know that excessive amounts of salt can be lethal. I was thinking maybe one, or the other item – individually – may have been dangerous.

    Honey has high concentrations of sugar, in fact it should kill all bacteria by plasmolysis (cell contraction). From what I remember, so long as the honey remains fairly viscous, the chance of bacteria forming within the honey is next to nil. Assuming that it was a home grown honey, that particular honey may have been collected from bees that collected from poisonous plants, but if it was a bottled/sold honey then that is ruled out. There are a million possibilities, but the chances of lethal honey are pretty next to nil.

    As for the melons, who knows, I need more information before I can take a better guess. It may have been something in the soil/water that was used to grow the melons, in which case the whole batch might have been dangerous. It’s all speculation though.

    If you knew more from an official report; the reason of death, if the children died first, what kind of honey and what kind of melon it was, it would help in filtering out options.

    If you’re pretty sure it was as a consequence of those two items, not necessarily mixed, then I suggest, don’t eat either of those two items from that region. Wait a while, see if any more rumours crop up.

  2. Zarchka Says:

    No official report. I tried to find something but it is how things go in Armenia, thousands of rumors and one is not sure about the sooth of them. But now I’m getting more definite about the danger of mixing melon and honey as several people who I inquired assured me that that may happen quite fairly. Though I’ll try to find what causes poison when they are mixed together. I don’t think they are dangerous if taken separately, the abuse of any product may cause problems. Nature games, I guess.

  3. Esoteric Says:

    I asked someone in the know, all he could think of was that honey might be dangerous to children under the age of 1, because their intestinal tract cannot prevent the development of the bacterium chlostridium botulinum… The spores of the bacterium exist in honey, when the child consumes them, they develop within and the natural defence mechanisms are not developed enough to stop them. But that doesn’t really help…

    I’m very curious now, I might go inquire about it from some chemists or doctors. Maybe even try mixing it myself! Seriously, with all the lethal wildlife in this country, what’s a little sugar overdose going to do? 😀

  4. otan2 Says:

    Maybe this is relevant:–

    The trick is make sure melon is clean before opening it. Which you would do, of course, I guess…

  5. JC Carpenter Says:

    While a little sugar overdose may not seem that dangerous, it can effect you for the rest of your life. It’s always best to research honey before you consume it. If you ingest honey before you know where it’s from, you could be risking your health. Everyone loves honey, what’s not to love? Just be careful.

    Honey mixed with melon just tastes so good. God made honey and God made melon, life is to be enjoyed so live it up. Don’t listen to speculation, I don’t. If you find something you like, get as much of it as you can.

    I had the best honey that I ever tasted not very long ago. I found it at the local grocery store. I had been looking for some really good honey. I couldn’t wait to open up the jar. I poured it all over my melon. I couldn’t get enough of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it again. It was expensive but worth every penny. It was a rare honey unlike I had ever seen. I was drawn to the packaging. It came in a nice jar with a good label. If anyone sees it, it was white honey from the best bees, the world. I didn’t find out it was dangerous until after I ate the whole bottle. I’m alright. I actually would be better with more honey-

    This is a crazy world. A little sugar won’t hurt anyone. If you are worried about sugar or honey consumption, stay away from it. Find some nice sweetener that isn’t dangerous and use that instead.

    As for large amount of salt, one can never be too careful. I heard it is dangerous too, but as I said…salt doesn’t hurt me, ask your doctor if sugar, honey, or melons are right for you.

    Happy eating-

  6. Tom De Backer Says:

    Melon mixed with honey is not dangerous and certainly not lethal. There is no way that nature would produce two products that when mixed become lethal. Bears eat melons and they eat honey, but there are still bears in the world.
    There is just no way that this could be true, let’s close this subject. Melon with honey is a delicious dessert.

  7. Zarchka Says:

    Bears also sleep the whole winter, do we? 😉

  8. sam Says:

    my father makes shakes he adds , honey melon and honey , besides other fruits , he drinks this and offer it to guests almost every day of the weeek. I love it .

  9. me Says:

    That is a special Melon called “cucumis melo” (raised in middle east for example). If you eat it with enough honey, it makes a stone-like mixture in your stomach (which almost always kills the person).

  10. Azim Says:

    Never try to practice it!!! It’s not a joke!!! My name is Azim, I’m from Azerbaijan, and I know lots of situations, when people died after eating sweeeeety melon, and sweeeeeety honey. Honey+ melon=death!
    You can eat melon and honey, but not at the same day! Be healthy!

  11. Ljubica Says:

    Two years ago,summer 2008,everyday i was eating melon and bananas with honey,for breakfast and lunch,no exceptions-everyday.This was lasting 2 months…and i`m still alive

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