Now we have a “Hye Super Star”

Probably almost everyone has learnt about the project called “Hye Super Star” which is the Armenian variant of British famous “Idols” . The project in Armenia was launched 6 months ago by Shant TV and today already we know the name of Armenian super star.

The famous British “Idols”’ appearance in Armenia is a major achievement for the Armenian audience. The purpose of this is to discover the best participants and to prepare artists, who can be considered pop-music performers according to international standards.

11 participants out of 5000 were competing with each other for obtaining the right to be called “Hye Super Star”. Armenia is the smallest country among the others where this project has taken place. Many people were pessimistic about the process and the outcome of this new project but I must say that it was a great success among population and was on the rate during all this time.

The two final participants were Susanna Petrosyan and Anna Avetyan. I think both of them had good voices and any of them could become the winner. But eventually Susik won the game, and incidentally, I’ve been cheering for her from the very beginning as she had a very powerful voice and professional techniques in performing the music. Anna’s voice was also strong but I guess she has a long distance to run to exercise her voice to that professionalism. The voting process was said to pass in a fair way and participants themselves assured it for many times. I guess it was more democratic than the State Elections or who knows, there were no observers, if you need one let me know;)

Now we just remain to see how long the ‘super star’ will appear on TV. Though it is early to call her a ‘star’ especially a ‘super star’ and it’s funny how Armenians define who is what and Armenian show-business is now just flooded by cheap singers who call themselves ‘stars’. But Susik and the popularity she gained in the project give her the right to be called “super-booper star” if compared to the “highly professional and best” singers in Armenia which are all crap in my opinion. No, I don’t have that biased opinion, that’s my subjunctive point of view which fairly coincides with the reality.

Incidentally, by my friends long persuasions I was made try my chance in the project when the participants were just being elected. And to my great misfortune, as I always know that something would go wrong when I try myself in music sphere, I terribly caught a cold 2 days before the audition. But I, better say my friends, didn’t hesitate and made me go even with my awful flu. After waiting in the street for 4 hours my state was aggravated because of the sharp cold and by the time I was in I had a high temperature and couldn’t talk at all. However pulling myself together I made the last effort to sing. The girl who was listening to me, and she was not a professional musician but a journalist from Shant TV, was asking me not to sing nasally despite my tellings that I had a flu and couldn’t sing otherwise. Well, after all she said that I had a good voice but couldn’t sing the next day. However that was my fault, rather my curse. Whenever I try to present myself in front of some specialist something goes wrong and I fail. But once Khoren Palyan, a great man, national artist, professor, a man of great voice who sings Armenian sharakans and has his choir, once he shook my hand and embraced me warmly after I sang during an undertaking. That meant the world for me.

“Hye Super Star 2” will start in September. Let’s see what will be then. To tell the truth I wouldn’t like it to go far then the second time. It will become boring I guess and will never have the boom caused by the first one. On the other hand many people hope and try to express themselves by this way. This is an opportunity for young talented people to fight their way to the promising future with the hope to become famous singers. But most of them just hope, and right they are. It’s better to become nobody than to become Lilit Karapetyan or Qristine Pepelyan.

And no, I’ll never ever try to participate any more, not that way, enough of it…


10 Responses to “Now we have a “Hye Super Star””

  1. Nessuna Says:

    Photo of the winner 🙂

  2. Zarchka Says:


  3. Goqor Says:

    Guys does anyone have her song that she sang? I would so love to listen to it 🙂 E-mail me if you have it.

  4. Oneworld Multimedia :: Congratulations Zarchka :: October :: 2006 Says:

    […] Some good news. Zarchka from Life Around Me finally entered Hye Superstar and she’s made it into the second round. I have to admit that I don’t know anything about the show as I don’t watch Armenian TV, but I do know how talented Zara is and I think she’s going to go far in this competition. Not only does she have a wonderful voice, but she also writes her own compositions. She deserves to win and to be honest, I think she will. Anyway, I hope Zara will write more on the whole procedure in the coming weeks, but until then, she wrote something on Hye Superstar a few months ago. You can read it here. Posted by Onnik @ 12:57 am. Filed under: Armenia, Culture, Music, Caucasus […]

  5. I’m back..!! « Life around me Says:

    […] After the first mischief I hesitated a bit, but finally decided to try it again. Naira Gjurjinyan who is the head of the jury said that she’d really like me to be among best 30 participants and sing my own songs which will be shown on TV. Well, I really don’t want to jump the gun with this, but I’d really like to do that. Although this time already I will never get disappointed if I don’t pass the next rounds, I will think that at least I tried and even had a little success. Let those win who truly deserve it and if I’m one of them, I don’t mind (: Cheer for me!!! […]

  6. “Hye Super Star” Enticement « Life around me Says:

    […] I was in such a merry mood when I passed the first round of “Hye Super Star 2″ after my failure at the first one, that anything else wouldn’t matter for me, even if I was dismissed during the next 2 rounds. But unfortunately my cheerfulness lasted only a week, It went down as soon as I was presented with a contract, which I had to sign and hand in the next day in order to take part in the next rounds. […]

  7. Michael Says:

    Hi Zarchka, can you send me an email?? I would really like to ask about some information/favours for the Hay Superstar project please if you can help (I live in Australia and we cannot see Shant!!) zlatkofans at

  8. Zarchka Says:

    Michael, you can ask your questions even here, though I have no problems with doing it via e mail, just nothing to hide, right? 😉

  9. ARAKS Says:



  10. Zarchka Says:

    Well, mainly they are weak, but there are some two interesting personalities, not much.

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