“Hay Lao” and how we sang

Some time ago a friend SMSed me asking to sing  backing vocals  for his song, as he wanted to have it recorded. At first I thought he is kidding, never knew that he sang, but got more surprised to know that he also composes his own music, although I knew that he also writes poems in Russian and Italian. He gave me his book, well, the poems are too lyrical for me, but they are nice if you are a romantic person. The book is called “I’m still breathing”. Liked this one most of all.

Верните меня к жизни, верните!

Спасите боль мою, спасите!

И свет под снегом умирая,

Вспоминает те страдания.

Свет горит во тьме,

Тьма бежт к воде.

И слушал я песни все,

Как искал себя в большой беде.

Стоп, душа болит,

Рот уже закрыт.

Ни чувства нет,

Ни тепла,

А мне нужна одна мечта.

Я боль дышу,

Осталось мало, закричу

И на свете для меня

Нет любимой у окна.


Thus, for the first time I had the opportunity to get recorded, although not for myself, but at least it was something. So, why not?  The Studio was in Artashat, or to be precise, It was in the house where twin brothers live. Vardan and Tigran made  that recording studio by themselves and have their rock-duet called Hay Lao.  

In 1998 the brothers were form the ROCK-DUET HAY LAO(ARMENIAN SONS).The authors of songs of ROCK-DUET HAY LAO are Tigran & Vardan Tadevosyans.In their songs HAY LAO try to show the painful problems of Armenian reality to their hearers.
HAY LAO takes part in concerts & festivals. The rock-duet had publish two albums(“ABANDONED WORLD” 2003,”FHADERLAND” 2004).HAY LAO is preparing to publish their new album (“THE WAY OF LIFE”).
HAY LAO lives by creative life.

Their rock is soft, as they mentioned. They have had many concerts starting from 1998. They don’t have musical education: “It is limited by several violin lessons, everything else is what we have studied by ourselves”- they said laughingly. Last time I saw them at the “Golden Guitar” Festival and their music is somewhat different from the rock I’m used to listen, but it is something that gives only positive emotions. I inquired about their concerts, saying that not many people are aware of them. Their answer was as expected: “People can be aware of them mostly through advertisements, which costs lots of money, which is already a problem. Mainly before concerts we are being invited to some TV programs where we mention about our concerts. Or our posters are hung at the places where we have concerts. So people come”.  After spending a whole day together, I must confess that they are really great people, sociable and simple, humble and resilient. It was interesting that they would continue each other’s thoughts or say something simultaneously, yes it is normal for the twins, but it was somewhat amazing. 

 Never thought that getting recorded is so difficult. That friend was trying to sing for four hours or so, repeating the same parts for thousand of times. After some time he was near to tear his vocal chords, but we managed to make him drink  raw egg on time.  But four long hours of listening to the same melody can really make anyone bored and tired. And by the time he was through with his part of singing I was near to sleep and  was trying to keep me on the chair as not to fall.  

 But singing back vocals turned out to be far arduous a task. One must follow the main singer and sing the lyrics quite simultaneously as to contemporize with the leading part. It is not what the main melody is and it is usually sang in thirds or in individual interpretations. I hadn’t heard that song before, so I had little time to study the words, which , incidentally, were in Russian and Italian, and to work out my part which was recorded in two hours. The song was lyrical as well, and it was cute. My friend wants to have it played on the radio, let’s see.  This is the part I sang, so if you ever hear a song with this words and a girl singing calmly on the background,  that’s me 😉  Sorry for my lousy Italian, I mean I don’t know Italian, wrote it as was dictated: 

Dove sei non si sa

L‘amore non vera

Soltanto pioggia cantera

So no de luzo sai

Ill vento di venterai

E quando verai

Non mi troverai.

And surely this made me think once more to get to my songs and try to do something. It is what I’ve been wishing for as long as I remember me. I can’t live without singing, I sing everywhere, during the classes or in the bathroom, and anytime, in grief or in happiness. That is my way of self-expression. I just don’t imagine me without music and me singing. But I never take serious steps thinking that it’s too early yet, and waiting for something. But what? Even I don’t know. That remains to be seen. 


18 Responses to ““Hay Lao” and how we sang”

  1. Zarchka Says:

    Didn’t want to give the translation of the Russian verse, it doesn’t sound the same way, and doesn’t give the same emotions, but anyways.

    Bring me to life, bring!
    Save my pain, save!
    And the light, dying in the snow
    Remembers those sufferings.
    The light burns in the darkness,
    Darkness runs to the water.
    And I have heard all the songs
    And me, looking for myself in all the troubles.
    Stop! My soul is hurt,
    My mouth is shut.
    No feelings there
    No warmth,
    And I need just a dream.
    I breath pain,
    Not much is left,
    I will cry out,
    And for me in the world, though
    There’s no beloved at the window.

  2. Zarchka Says:

    On mentioning Golden Guitar Festival, I found a blog called Armenian Project 2006 by one of the participants of the festival, who writes a bit about the festival. I guess I remember her from the festival and have met her once by chance.
    Her site is at http://www.sonyavaroujian.com/

  3. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Strange you never mentioned these guys when I was looking into rock bands in Armenia. Oh well, never mind.

    Incidently, you should consider linking to all or part of an MP3 of the recording.

  4. Zarchka Says:

    When was it that you asked me about rock bands? Besides, I knew little about them, just saw them on TV programs once or twice, then at the concert, didn’t know much before meeting them.

  5. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Ah, ok. So you mean when I was talking to you about investigating the rock music scene in Armenia, finding new rock groups, and inviting you to Bambir and Rock Without Borders Concerts, you didn’t know about them then. Ok, got it. Just wondered, that’s all.

  6. Nessuna Says:

    Rough translation 😉

    Dove sei non si sa
    L‘amore non verrà
    Soltanto pioggia canterà
    Sono deluso sai
    Il vento diventerai
    E quando verrai
    Non mi troverai.

    One does not know where you are
    Love will not come
    Only rain will sing
    You know I’m disappointed
    You’ll become a wind
    And when you’ll come
    You won’t find me

  7. Nessuna Says:

    I demand the italian song!!~

  8. Zarchka Says:

    Thanks a lot Nessuna, really thanks!!!
    I’ll give a copy to you as soon as I get it.

  9. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Get them to post it on the internet. Let as many people listen to it as possible. Why not?

  10. Nessuna Says:

    Zarchka, prego 😉 I will wait for the song!

  11. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Slightly going off the subject, but related to female vocalists, I always meant to point you in the direction of Kate Bush, an English singer discovered in the late 70s by Pink Floyd’s guitarist. Quite amazing range in her voice. Have some of her albums here, and think I’ve actually have seen a few for sale in Yerevan so worth checking out. Not to everyone’s taste, but when she shines, she really does.

    Kate Bush (born Catherine Bush on 30 July 1958 in Bexleyheath, Kent, now part of Greater London) is an English singer-songwriter with an expressive four-octave voice. She is known for her eccentric, idiosyncratic literary lyrics, and eclectic and meticulous musical and production style. She debuted in 1978 with the surprise hit “Wuthering Heights”, which was number one in the British music charts for four weeks. While this was the height of her UK singles chart success, she has retained considerable popularity.


    In terms of genre, Kate Bush is clearly part of the same British progressive rock movement that also gave rise to Genesis and Pink Floyd, although her musical style is a later manifestation of this school. Even in her earliest works where the piano was a primary instrument, Bush wove together many diverse influences, melding classical music, rock, and a wide range of ethnic and folk sources, to produce a uniquely impressive amalgam, and this has continued throughout her career. More than one reviewer has used the term “surreal” to describe much of her music, for many of the songs have a melodramatic emotional and musical surrealism that defies easy categorization. It has been observed that even the more joyous pieces are often tinged with traces of melancholy, and even the most sorrowful have elements of a unique vitality struggling against all that would oppress it. The unapologetic use of her voice as an instrument to convey a broad range of emotional intensity and subtlety is one thing that characterizes nearly all that she does.


    There’s also a Kate Busg web site at, surprise surprise, http://www.katebush.com/

  12. Oneworld Multimedia :: Kate Bush — Aerial :: August :: 2006 Says:

    […] But anyway, after Zarchka recently blogged about her own involvement with the music scene in Armenia, I started to think about female vocalists, and one in particular — the typically English Kate Bush. Even at the age of 48, she’s still a unique, remarkable and original talent. Kate Bush (born Catherine Bush on 30 July 1958 in Bexleyheath, Kent, now part of Greater London) is an English singer-songwriter with an expressive four-octave voice. She is known for her eccentric, idiosyncratic literary lyrics, and eclectic and meticulous musical and production style. She debuted in 1978 with the surprise hit “Wuthering Heights”, which was number one in the British music charts for four weeks. While this was the height of her UK singles chart success, she has retained considerable popularity. […]

  13. Zarchka Says:

    So far, I liked every kind of music you offered, so i hope this is not an exclusion. So thanks! I’ll look for it.

  14. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Well, sorry to go off-topic again, but I’ve just found the video to one of my favourite tracks of all time — Army Dreamers by Kate Bush. The song is truly brilliant and her voice really shines on this one, but in a way you won’t be expecting. Unique.

    Anyway, it’s an old video from 1980 so it might look dated to you, but I love it. Anyway, the point is the song. One of my all time favorite tracks. Incidently, it’s an anti-war song about a young soldier who gets killed abroad and is brought home in a coffin. Cheerful stuff, I know, but amazing.

    Lyrics are very English, though, with references to B.F.P.O (British Forces Post Office) and stuff. Also will take a little time to watch in full on a dialup connection here in Armenia, but if you’re at the computer and connected, it’s worth letting it do so in the background.

    Magnificent. Anyway, the video is here.

    And with that, I’ll stop commenting off-topic and just congratulate on recording something. Hope you get to post a link to an MP3 of the track sometime.

  15. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    B.F.P.O = British Forces Posted Overseas, as well as British Forces Post Office. Anyways. Amazing Song.

  16. Zarchka Says:

    Music about music can never be off-topic, can it? So, Thanks a lot for the links and comments. You are welcomed to add more. Just being busy at home I’m being a bit late with my responses. About posting a link to the song, well I’ll see, probably the song isn’t worth doing that, but who knows, I’m eager to listen to it as soon as they work it through. Patience…

  17. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    If you’re happy with it, or if it at least sounds good, post a link. I’m sure we’re all interested in hearing it.

  18. Singing Italian « Life around me Says:

    […] Remember once I blogged about a friend of mine who is a poet and a singer? Well, yes, I’d tease him a lot saying that he’d never succeed […]

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