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The most “Honored Artists”

September 24, 2006

An announcement on TV: – “On Independence day we invite everyone for a concert at Liberty Square by participation of the Honoured Artists Shushan Petrosyan, Nune Yesayan, Tata and Hayko”.

My hair stood on end when I heard the combination of words “Honored artists” and the names following them. Well, if to exclude Shushan who has really one of the most powerful voices in Armenia and has passed a long path full of creative work and could have deserved the fame to be called an honored artist, who are the other’s then?

Tata – Not a celebration, birthday or wedding party takes place without his “Anapati Arev” or other songs. I admit, that he has the songs to cheer up and to dance to. Now he is more a diasporan singer than local. He is beloved though he is shaking his head much too much. But. is this enough to be named an Honored artist?

Nune – Long time ago when she started her career with spoiling Sayat-Nova’s songs and incomprehensible videos, she was called the “Representative of Armenian song abroad”. Well, this was probably by the fact that she was one of the few singers who had the means to travel. A question: indeed, what has she done for Armenian music, is there any heritage left by her or will there be any at least after acquiring that title???

But if Tata and Nune can hardly fit for that honor, this next one doesn’t actually come within the province at all and is even outrageous. Hayko started his career translating a Spanish singer Luis Miguel’s songs into Armenian and representing them as those of his own. He was all but sure that no one in Armenia knew Luis Miguel and that his little secret would never be disclosed.

But his calculations and assumptions were not approved soon when people got to know Luis Miguel and compared their songs. As far as Hayko was very small to be famous, there remained only a single option, that Hayko was cheating. Although he didn’t learn his lesson and soon after pretending to be a composer he translated another old Spanish song by Alejandro Sans, this time representing it as a song on the basis of Spanish folk music. Whether it is still the influence of Ardzaganq Studio where everyone just sing translated songs of famous singers, can’t say, but one thing for sure- what an impudence!

I don’t even mention poor musical abilities he is gifted, the limited pitch level of his voice and the lack of the ability to conjoin two words together.

And I really wonder how people like him get the pride to be called honored artists? Be I in his place I would abdicate from that title he doesn’t deserve at all. Do they really consider themselves worthy of ranking with such highly Honored artists as Suren Chanchuryan, Sos Sargsyan or Gohar Gasparyan? Each drop of their hard work is invested in the realms of art, they are great teachers who left and are still leaving an enormous heritage to the future generations. They are the basis of art and the brightest representatives of it.

And what can I learn from Hayko, an Honored artist? Are the people giving titles deaf or not from this world? If this disgrace is not cut in the bud than we are near to face the abyss. So, Hayko, the future of Armenia is in your hands, renounce that title and leave it for those who truly deserve it. Or at least, deserve it by yourself.


September 20, 2006

Problems are everywhere, in every field, but my blog  is  probably the only one to be called the utmost problematic. It wouldn’t open during past weeks and would always crash on every attempt. Interestingly only my blog had that problem as the others at would open easily. Many thanks to Onnik who solved the problem and fixed my blog, I don’t even know what caused that problem. In any case if it crashes again just use Firefox to open it.

“Every system which depends on human confidence is not reliable. Computers may not be trusted, human beings-moreover” – Jilb’s law of  distrust.

And here again, on top of all, my computer again refuses to work properly and freezes mainly when I try to open Microsoft Word.     Problems, problems…

Anyways. Briefly on what I did during this time. First of all, my guitar lessons go pretty well. I try to practice more but, alas, it’s not always that I manage. But even so, I feel that I’m getting used to my guitar and day by day I’m understanding its language. Now I know almost all the notes on the strings and playing a melody is not a problem any more. I’m slowly trying to work out some chords. My fingers are getting harder and harder every day. Although, I’m still not satisfied with my playing. So right, practice and practice and practice… I will not give up!

Finally I handed in my course paper on which I’ve been working during this summer. The only thing left is to defend it, what I’ll do very soon. This is my last year of studies and that is why in November I will have my practice at a school. I’ll be teaching English for a month. I cross my fingers, I hope I’ll be able to successfully complete my pedagogic practice.  

I’ll try to make my computer work properly so that I write more articles to post here. To tell the truth, the problems with my computer came right to the point, as I was extremely reluctant to write anything. Don’t condemn me, that happens. Even being unemployed I never have time to start or finish up things I always have in mind. Or probably I just always create something to keep me busy all the time. That also happens.

Be well. Cheers!

I play guitar!!!

September 5, 2006

Heey people, I’m so excited!! One of my wishes is near to become true!! Guitar… I mean I have a guitar now.. no, I mean I dreamed to play guitar and I’m in my dream now. Before this I never managed to dedicate time and learn playing guitar, eventually I made a decision not to linger with it any more. And today I had my first lesson!! Wow, I’m kind of playing..!!

I haven’t put away my guitar since my teacher showed me how to hold it and how to replace my fingers on the strings. And I don’t care that I cut my nails very short, though it was a big problem for me because they are so hard. And I totally don’t care that I already have callosities on my fingers 😉

Playing guitar – everything that matters!!

Love for Humanity – Onnik Krikorian’s exhibition

September 4, 2006

Finally Onnik’s long expected exhibition for Habitat for Humanity in
Armenia took place. This time trying somehow to avoid Onnik’s not direct blamings for not blogging on his previous exhibition due to some reasons, I’d dare express my opinions on this one (though actually in reality he threatened not to blog on my concert if I have any in future 😉 , jokingly, jokingly, don’t take this seriously).

First and foremost I’d like to start with the photos themselves. These were something quite different if compared with the photos of the previous exhibition with Hetq Online. If the later had the endevour to enlighten people on some existing and thumping problems in
Armenia, this one was mainly concentrated on presenting the enormous humanitarian work carried out during Catholicos Karekin II Work Project. And no doubt, photojournalist Onnik Krikorian is sharp-eyed enough to pass to his film such shots which completely depict the reality of life in motion an in its real colors.

Half constructed buildings, volunteers of all ages with tools in their hands, faces of an extended family members full of hope to live in normal shelters, smiles of innocent children… Those are dumb witnesses of the unlimited love people may have for their work and humanity in general.


1st of September. Big deal!

September 1, 2006

Ok, probably many students and pupils are looking forward for this day, beginning of classes, Day of Knowledge, as I did 4 years ago when leaving behind ten long school years I was to do my first steps as a student. The first day of student life seems to be interesting and promising, but not for me as it seemed quite vice verse in my case. Here everyone in their turn try to put on their best clothes and be impressive, as it is the only way for that day to make impression. Or there’s another way – coming to classes in expensive cars and before getting off stay in them for some twenty minutes so that everyone notice what car they have come by. Or keeping their stunning cell-phones in their hands or on their tables all the time, so that if those who haven’t seen them getting off their cars at least see their phones.

Who doesn’t know what day the 1st of September is, and with that hope I’m not going into the realms of how students and pupils welcome it. Although I’d rather call it a “Day of Cafés” as you will hardly find a vacant café table in any of the central Yerevan cafes. That is because the first day of classes students hurry to spend in cafes not at least waiting for the end of the daily lessons.

This September 1st was especially boring for me and I wished it never came as I’m totally tired of studies and some faces there (never thought I will say that, hope my professors do not read this). But on the other hand I’m glad it came, which supposes that the end of the year is near, and I’m really waiting eagerly for it.

Although, even I may have surprises. It was that my brother suddenly called me and said he was downtown and wanted to meet me, he insisted. And there I saw him approaching and concealing something behind his back. Amazingly it was a wonderful bunch of flowers! I adore flowers, why not! That was really to the point to cheer me up, it was a great surprise for me, I was deeply touched by his attention.

So, not everything is that worse. Happy 1st of September!