1st of September. Big deal!

Ok, probably many students and pupils are looking forward for this day, beginning of classes, Day of Knowledge, as I did 4 years ago when leaving behind ten long school years I was to do my first steps as a student. The first day of student life seems to be interesting and promising, but not for me as it seemed quite vice verse in my case. Here everyone in their turn try to put on their best clothes and be impressive, as it is the only way for that day to make impression. Or there’s another way – coming to classes in expensive cars and before getting off stay in them for some twenty minutes so that everyone notice what car they have come by. Or keeping their stunning cell-phones in their hands or on their tables all the time, so that if those who haven’t seen them getting off their cars at least see their phones.

Who doesn’t know what day the 1st of September is, and with that hope I’m not going into the realms of how students and pupils welcome it. Although I’d rather call it a “Day of Cafés” as you will hardly find a vacant café table in any of the central Yerevan cafes. That is because the first day of classes students hurry to spend in cafes not at least waiting for the end of the daily lessons.

This September 1st was especially boring for me and I wished it never came as I’m totally tired of studies and some faces there (never thought I will say that, hope my professors do not read this). But on the other hand I’m glad it came, which supposes that the end of the year is near, and I’m really waiting eagerly for it.

Although, even I may have surprises. It was that my brother suddenly called me and said he was downtown and wanted to meet me, he insisted. And there I saw him approaching and concealing something behind his back. Amazingly it was a wonderful bunch of flowers! I adore flowers, why not! That was really to the point to cheer me up, it was a great surprise for me, I was deeply touched by his attention.

So, not everything is that worse. Happy 1st of September!


3 Responses to “1st of September. Big deal!”

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  3. sh_joy Says:

    Huh! Excellent description! :))

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