I play guitar!!!

Heey people, I’m so excited!! One of my wishes is near to become true!! Guitar… I mean I have a guitar now.. no, I mean I dreamed to play guitar and I’m in my dream now. Before this I never managed to dedicate time and learn playing guitar, eventually I made a decision not to linger with it any more. And today I had my first lesson!! Wow, I’m kind of playing..!!

I haven’t put away my guitar since my teacher showed me how to hold it and how to replace my fingers on the strings. And I don’t care that I cut my nails very short, though it was a big problem for me because they are so hard. And I totally don’t care that I already have callosities on my fingers 😉

Playing guitar – everything that matters!!

13 Responses to “I play guitar!!!”

  1. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Congrats Zara. Good luck with that. Become the Armenian Tracy Chapman 😉

  2. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Incidently, I’m jealous. I gave up too long ago. 😦

  3. Esoteric Says:

    That’s great news, guitarra is the best. Ya beat me to it. I’ve been meaning to pick up the guitarra for a while now, I’ve always wanted to be able to play some flamenco. Unfortunately I don’t really have the time, I did piano for a while, that was ok, but I just wasn’t too interested with it.

  4. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    I lent Zara Passion, Grace & Fire by Al di Meola, John McLaughlin and the great flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia, but I don’t think it was her bag. Pity because flamenco is one of the greatest and most passionate forms of music out there. Anyway, think she’s more interested in guitar as an accompaniment to her songs, but I guess she knows that better than I. We’ll wait to hear the first results, I guess.

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Thanks guys. I like flamenco and hope to play it as well as other melodies along with my songs in the nearest future, let’s see.  Actually now I’ve forgotten about my piano, which I used to play frequently before having my guitar. I really hope, I’m trying to keep patience and wait for the results!

  6. Esoteric Says:

    Well, when you make it big, how about you send me an autographed guitarra? :p

    Truly being able to love a type of culture is most definitely a blood thing. I love flamenco, but I would have to say I love Armenian folk songs as much. One can appreciate great music, but it strikes a more harmonius chord if the music is part of their identity, when it courses through the veins, ya know? Granted one can make it part of their identity, but it’s not the same as growing up with it.

    Much props for trying to learn it though Zarchka, more than I can say for myself. Shame on me, haha.

  7. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Good music stands on its own regardless of blood. Indeed, and somewhat ironically, Armenian music and dance is appreciated more outside of the Republic of Armenia AND the Diaspora than inside those two entitites. It’s why nationalism in any sphere is ultimately negative.

  8. Esoteric Says:

    Depends on what you mean by good, I mean most people say they appreciate Wagner’s music regardless of his views. Clearly his music can be categorised as fan-bloody-tastic, but I don’t see how one can bring themselves to appreciate culture and how there can be culture in a racist… So that issue is a bit in the grey for me.

    I also don’t quite understand how nationalism is negative (no I’m not being contradictory, racism and nationalism are not the same thing) I don’t understand how nationalism drives people away from their own culture. If anything one would say a lack of proper nationalism depreciates culture in a people.

    Hardly any non-Armenians even know where Armenia is let alone anything about it, so I can’t really agree with the whole appreciation outside the entities thing.

    My taekwondo master thought I said “Yemen” when I said “Armenia”. He was like where’s that? Mind you he’s about 60 and comes from Korea, so he missed out on the information age, not that today’s youth is any better. It’s quite scary really.

  9. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Just because every non-Armenian doesn’t know where Armenia is doesn’t negate what I said. Those in cultural circles do, and Armenian folk and dance ensembles take part in competitions abroad and are appreciated more than they are in Armenia.

    Regarding nationalism, this (often blind and simplified) “love of a country” typically manifests itself as hatred of anything foreign. That’s different from say, patriotism or pride in my books. Incidently, this comment about nationalism refers to anywhere it exists — Russia, Germany, Britain, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey… everywhere.

    So actually, yes, nationalism does have the tendency to manifest itself as racism.

    Regarding music and culture, it’s either good or it isn’t — and yes, this is a subjective thing — but both of these have the ability to cross borders and yes, when it’s good it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Of course, it is an indivdual thing, but as we can see in most cases, culture and music is a global phenomenon rather than specific to just one country.

    Otherwise, good point about Wagner. Then again, you don’t have to be a German nationalist to appreciate it which perhaps was my point.

  10. Curt Ingram Says:

    It’s a wonderful thing to learn to play the guitar. I have taught thousands. See my blog for some useful tips.


  11. otan2 Says:

    Practice, practice, practice! Then practice some more! After that, maybe some practice…

  12. Jeff Dunaway Says:

    Great blog! keep up the good work.

  13. lessonsthatrock Says:

    Playing guitar is very satisfying, fun, and a great emotional outlet. I’m very happy that you found a new best friend. If you ever need any tips, advice, or anything else, check out http://www.lessonsthatrock.com or you can always e-mail me.

    Take care and good luck!

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