Problems are everywhere, in every field, but my blog  is  probably the only one to be called the utmost problematic. It wouldn’t open during past weeks and would always crash on every attempt. Interestingly only my blog had that problem as the others at would open easily. Many thanks to Onnik who solved the problem and fixed my blog, I don’t even know what caused that problem. In any case if it crashes again just use Firefox to open it.

“Every system which depends on human confidence is not reliable. Computers may not be trusted, human beings-moreover” – Jilb’s law of  distrust.

And here again, on top of all, my computer again refuses to work properly and freezes mainly when I try to open Microsoft Word.     Problems, problems…

Anyways. Briefly on what I did during this time. First of all, my guitar lessons go pretty well. I try to practice more but, alas, it’s not always that I manage. But even so, I feel that I’m getting used to my guitar and day by day I’m understanding its language. Now I know almost all the notes on the strings and playing a melody is not a problem any more. I’m slowly trying to work out some chords. My fingers are getting harder and harder every day. Although, I’m still not satisfied with my playing. So right, practice and practice and practice… I will not give up!

Finally I handed in my course paper on which I’ve been working during this summer. The only thing left is to defend it, what I’ll do very soon. This is my last year of studies and that is why in November I will have my practice at a school. I’ll be teaching English for a month. I cross my fingers, I hope I’ll be able to successfully complete my pedagogic practice.  

I’ll try to make my computer work properly so that I write more articles to post here. To tell the truth, the problems with my computer came right to the point, as I was extremely reluctant to write anything. Don’t condemn me, that happens. Even being unemployed I never have time to start or finish up things I always have in mind. Or probably I just always create something to keep me busy all the time. That also happens.

Be well. Cheers!


9 Responses to “PROBLEMS…PROBLEMS…”

  1. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Actually, if Microsoft Internet users experience problems it’s advised to download and install the latest patches from the Microsoft site. It was a problem with silly <span></span> html in the style sheet for your blog and a bug in Internet Explorer.

  2. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Incidently, this page explains the problem you encountered although I managed to get round the problem by stripping the <span></span> code from your last three or four posts.

    It does look like a bug in Internet Explorer and the way it handles improperly constructed style sheets and HTML. However, in the case of the latter this is’s fault and the nasty WYSIWYG post editor.

    Basically, both and Internet Explorer suck big time. I’d certainly recommend Blogsome over WordPress and Firefox over IE 6.

    But yes, it still took ages to get into your Dashboard to make the changes. Really, very slow for me also.

  3. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    For all of you out there the Firefox browser is at

  4. Esoteric Says:

    IE is evil. Firefox is the messiah. I personally put a little ‘get firefox’ link thingy above my statcounter. It’s important to support things that are clearly more innovative… And free! Not that I get any traffic though.

  5. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Good point. I should stick a Get Firefox link and banner on my site too for the same reason plus the fact that IE 6 is so full of bugs and security holes that everyone should dump it instantly. More than that, IE users will have to wait until version 7 before they get tabbed browsing. Get Firefox now!!!

    Actually, dump Outlook Express and switch to Thunderbird as well…

  6. Nessuna Says:

    Good luck with learning how to play guitar! I admire people who have the courage to follow their passion 😉

  7. Zarchka Says:

    Then it was really not an easy task with my blog. Again thanks for working out the problems with it, and for effort and time.

    Thanks Nessuna, I’m trying!

  8. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    No worries. My pleasure and I learned something along the way which I’m sure will come in useful if I encounter any problems with WordPress and IE.

  9. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Yet another reason to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

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