The most “Honored Artists”

An announcement on TV: – “On Independence day we invite everyone for a concert at Liberty Square by participation of the Honoured Artists Shushan Petrosyan, Nune Yesayan, Tata and Hayko”.

My hair stood on end when I heard the combination of words “Honored artists” and the names following them. Well, if to exclude Shushan who has really one of the most powerful voices in Armenia and has passed a long path full of creative work and could have deserved the fame to be called an honored artist, who are the other’s then?

Tata – Not a celebration, birthday or wedding party takes place without his “Anapati Arev” or other songs. I admit, that he has the songs to cheer up and to dance to. Now he is more a diasporan singer than local. He is beloved though he is shaking his head much too much. But. is this enough to be named an Honored artist?

Nune – Long time ago when she started her career with spoiling Sayat-Nova’s songs and incomprehensible videos, she was called the “Representative of Armenian song abroad”. Well, this was probably by the fact that she was one of the few singers who had the means to travel. A question: indeed, what has she done for Armenian music, is there any heritage left by her or will there be any at least after acquiring that title???

But if Tata and Nune can hardly fit for that honor, this next one doesn’t actually come within the province at all and is even outrageous. Hayko started his career translating a Spanish singer Luis Miguel’s songs into Armenian and representing them as those of his own. He was all but sure that no one in Armenia knew Luis Miguel and that his little secret would never be disclosed.

But his calculations and assumptions were not approved soon when people got to know Luis Miguel and compared their songs. As far as Hayko was very small to be famous, there remained only a single option, that Hayko was cheating. Although he didn’t learn his lesson and soon after pretending to be a composer he translated another old Spanish song by Alejandro Sans, this time representing it as a song on the basis of Spanish folk music. Whether it is still the influence of Ardzaganq Studio where everyone just sing translated songs of famous singers, can’t say, but one thing for sure- what an impudence!

I don’t even mention poor musical abilities he is gifted, the limited pitch level of his voice and the lack of the ability to conjoin two words together.

And I really wonder how people like him get the pride to be called honored artists? Be I in his place I would abdicate from that title he doesn’t deserve at all. Do they really consider themselves worthy of ranking with such highly Honored artists as Suren Chanchuryan, Sos Sargsyan or Gohar Gasparyan? Each drop of their hard work is invested in the realms of art, they are great teachers who left and are still leaving an enormous heritage to the future generations. They are the basis of art and the brightest representatives of it.

And what can I learn from Hayko, an Honored artist? Are the people giving titles deaf or not from this world? If this disgrace is not cut in the bud than we are near to face the abyss. So, Hayko, the future of Armenia is in your hands, renounce that title and leave it for those who truly deserve it. Or at least, deserve it by yourself.


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  1. Oneworld Multimedia :: Notes from the Armenian Blogosphere :: September :: 2006 Says:

    […] Zarchka has a wonderful post on contemporary Armenian music and the way in which honours are dished out by the authorities. Often these are linked to how well individuals — especially singers — serve the Government in pushing out propaganda during elections and referendums. Somewhat alarmingly, honours were recently handed out to “journalists” for the same reason, for example. President Robert Kocharian issued on Friday decrees giving official titles and top state awards to a dozen journalists from TV stations, news agencies and newspapers controlled by or loyal to his administration. […]

  2. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    BTW: All of this reeks of the Soviet era and indeed, in every walk of life from the police to the KGB to this “honour” system, we can still see that the legacy of the Soviet era and the way the State functioned then is still there.

  3. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Funny, that joke about the pits is doing the rounds here although one pit is mentioned as being for Jews. It’s empty, apparently, because the Jews help each other and managed to escape. The Armenians pulled each other back down as you say. Can’t remember who the third pit was for.

  4. Zarchka Says:

    BTW: I’m not advertising, but Hayko’s concert is on 1st of October at Sport and Concert Complex aka Hamalir. That means he is sure that he’ll fill the biggest concert hall in Armenia. Don’t want to be that nasty, but I wish that he fails, that will serve him a good lesson and will pull him down to earth so that he understands he’s not that big shot he has imagined to be.

  5. Jeff Dunaway Says:

    TATA! I dont know about honored but he made my marshootney rides a lot more fun.

  6. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Zara said as much too.

  7. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Funny, while standing near the Cascade last night talking to Zara, we saw Nune Yesayan pull up and park her car. Given Hayastantsi’s comments on my blog and his silence on this one, I thought it interesting that we didn’t see one adoring fan go up to Nune to ask for an autograph. When pointing out Nune to one of Zara’s friends he joked that there were more interesting things to see everywhere else, and apart from Zara and I joking about this post and the resulting war of words on my blog, nobody seemed to notice her at all. Some Armenian “Madonna,” and some “Honoured Artist…”

  8. Christian Says:

    I’ll have to say that more established, talented artists should be considered in the future rather than chic, popular singers for such awards. In other words, people who are actual songwriters as well as musicians. Arthur Meschian, Lilit Pipoyan, Ruben Hakhverdian, and Vahan Artsuni. But that’s just my opinion….

  9. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Garo (Christian), seems like a good enough idea to me…

  10. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if Hayko reads this blog 😉

    17:46 27/09/06

    Singer Haiko addressed to the president of the republic to know why he has awarded him the title of honored artists, Haiko told a news conference today.
    “Because there are many singers who come and go but you stay for a long time,” the president has answered.

    Haiko said he is not involved in politics and will not participate in any pre-election campaigns.

    The singer said he is doing well and the tickets of his upcoming concert are sold well. Haiko said there will be no dances as it is not within his style. He said there will be dozens of cameras “to approach to the international level.”

    The singer said he has received no concrete suggestions to participate in Eurovision contest. He even said he is a little scared from rumors that he may participate.

    The singer is in search of his soul mate. He said he devotes his songs to those who feel attached.

    Touching to know he might be missing Hasmik 😉
    On a related note, I hope that the upcoming HayFest isn’t going to be hijacked by the Republican Party for next year’s parliamentary elections by the two main figures in the party, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

    18:01 27/09/06

    Fourth international theater festival High Fest will run in Armenia from October 4 to 14. In the words of Arthur Ghukasyan, festival chairman, theater groups representing 31 countries will stage 74 performances at eleven squares in Yerevan and Artashat. Ghukasyan said theater actors will also deliver lectures for students.

    The event is held under the auspices of prime minister and defense minister of Armenia. The ministry of culture never supported this festival, the organizers complain. However, the ministry of culture promised to release 2 million Armenian drams next year, the organizer say.

    Unfortunately, I fear it will — and I’m sure it won’t be the only cultural event to be hijacked for political purposes before May / June 2007.

  11. Zarchka Says:

    BTW: if you ever pass the posters in front of Opera building, find Hayko’s one and look for the note in red!! my work 😉

  12. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    What did you write? Tell us all coz we won’t all get to see it although I guess I could go photograph it and post it 😉

  13. Oneworld Multimedia :: Hayko & Corruption in Armenia :: February :: 2007 Says:

    […] we have another talentless musical non-entity who Zarchka at Life Around Me wrote about in September. Hayko started his career translating a Spanish singer Luis Miguel’s songs into Armenian and […]

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