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Who to trust – Medical System or …? My brother’s story

October 26, 2006

This is it. I’ve been so long waiting for this hour!  After reading Arsineh’s post on Health Care in Armenia, and then before reading up Onnik’s reference to it, the first thing which occurred to me was that this is the high time to talk on my own experience in that field which has been lasting for about 5 years. I would always delay with writing on it being a bit superstitious, but now when the subject is already boiling on two blogs I can’t keep myself anymore from talking on that, especially after reading some of the comments. Now I think who to start with? My brother or me? Or both together. My endeavor now will be to speak briefly on my brother’s illness and what my family experienced during these long 5 years. Hoping not to scatter words around and not to bore you I hold back some details and give the succession of  the events, and also avoiding to use medical terminology. 

Five years ago my brother’s temperature lasted more than would that of a person who has caught a cold. Then very unexpectedly he felt pain in his legs and in his all body. And his temperature wouldn’t decrease. So we took him to Isolation Hospital at Norq where it took them about a month before they eventually diagnosed that he was infected by brucellosis. As you know it is an animal disease and the virus of brucella can be transmitted to people via animal products like meat, milk, cheese. These comes to state another problem: before appearing on market counters the product does not pass all the required examinations and tests. And who cares? Only that they get money, doesn’t matter that the diseased animal may cause chronic illness to thousands of people.


I’m back..!!

October 24, 2006

Great news!!!  My computer is back!! Actually I had to buy a new one as something weird happened to the whole system, hard disc and mother board. But that a past thing already and the only thing to do is to be careful as not to destroy it again. 

Having looked through my last posts I noticed that recently all I’ve been writing was mainly about me, myself and mine. Certainly I wouldn’t call the blog “Life around me” if it didn’t have a thing in common with me personally, but I guess you know what I mean. Before that I would tackle over some problems,  but it is only due to some unintended circumstances that I stopped blogging properly (or did I ever do like that (: ).  

Anyways, lots of things happened during this long recess and I pity so much that sometimes I wanted to blog about things happening but couldn’t make it anyhow. And now when I’m in front of the computer everything just fell into complete oblivion. Damn it! But life goes on with its different people wrapped by all the eternal problems.  

To conclude my second entry and to write once more about me let me personally  announce the news on which Onnik has already blogged and congradulated me.  

I passed the first and second rounds of “Hay Super Star” !!  

After the first mischief I hesitated a bit, but finally decided to try it again. Naira Gjurjinyan who is the head of the jury said that she’d really like me to be among best 30 participants and sing my own songs which will be shown on TV. Well, I really don’t want to jump the gun with this, but I’d really like to do that. Although this time already I will never get disappointed if I don’t pass the next rounds, I will think that at least I tried and even had a little success. Let those win who truly deserve it and if I’m one of them, I don’t mind (: Cheer for me!!!

The great love of Sevak

October 18, 2006

-Have you heard of “The great love of Sevak”?

-Hmm, interesting, was there one?- I asked smilingly.

-A new book, I’m going to buy it.

This conversation was soon forgotten by me unless some days later my coursemate put the book on my table for which I’m so grateful to her. Thank you, Haykushak!!!

Hovik Charckchyan


The great love of Sevak”

Real story by two books

Paruyr Sevak has always been and will always remain my most favorite writer. This passionate writer had the gift to put down the most sensible emotions and feelings into words so truly. And not once he was severely criticized for the reality in his poems. I know most of his works by heart as do many of the women who still can’t fell out of love with him. Very ugly man for who most women were ready to sacrifice even their lives.

And now to discover that all his words and all his love poems were dedicated only to one woman-his Sulamita, who was not the wife of Solomon from the Bible as everyone thought, but she was a real person who possessed the delight to be loved by Sevak and love him with the same devotion and passion.


The author of the book found the letters of Sevak and Sulamita which they were exchanging during the years. It is based on true events, though the pen of the writer neatly describes the whole beauty of their love. Not once it was that I tried to resist my tears while reading it, being not a romantic person at all, but they would always burst out with grief and lamentation for the great love of my dear Sevak. If you haven’t read this book yet, I sincerely recommend, for his whole poetry you read so far is equal to nothing if you don’t know who he referred and what he was feeling when he wrote his famous lines “You, my last one, misunderstandingly, and my only one by destiny…”

Unfortunately, they were sentenced to live and love far from each other and all over the time stand the tests of the life. And here he writes “ The spring passed, I didn’t see you, The summer passed, I didn’t see you, The autumn passed, I didn’t see you, The winter will pass, I’ll not see you. And where is our season of the year-the fifth one?”


Ohh, my dear dear Sevak, I love you so much and I love you more and more after learning your great but pleasant sorrow and pain caused by your sweet-sweet, most most love…

…Քառահատոր հսկա բառարանը հիմա
Մեկ բառով է լցված <<անջատվել>>
Եվ մեկ միտք է հիմա մեջս գոռում-գոչում.

Աշխարհում կա~ արդյոք գոնե մի կենտ լեզու,
Որ չունենա իր մեջ այս <<անջատվել>> բայը,
Թե կա` ես փոխում եմ ազգությունս…

Bad blogger

October 8, 2006

The chain of problems with my computer, my blogging and me in general is still going on.  My computer got some virus and got completely down and it is about 3 weeks that I didn’t approach my computer. Firstly, because it doesn’t work, and secondly because I don’t have time to bother myself with its repairing. Guess I’ve better buy a new one instead of breaking my neck as well as the others’ trying to work out the problems with it.


At the moment I’m volunteering for Highfest Festival guiding the Contemporary Dancing Company from
Croatia. The Festival will last till 14the of October and I really do recommend to go to some of the performances if you have time.


In the near future I won’t blog due to the above mentioned problems, though I have so many things to talk about, but…unfortunately I don’t have computer and can’t waste time on blogging from an internet club 😦


I’m sad, sad, sad….

I’m a bad blogger…. sorry… 😦