I’m back..!!

Great news!!!  My computer is back!! Actually I had to buy a new one as something weird happened to the whole system, hard disc and mother board. But that a past thing already and the only thing to do is to be careful as not to destroy it again. 

Having looked through my last posts I noticed that recently all I’ve been writing was mainly about me, myself and mine. Certainly I wouldn’t call the blog “Life around me” if it didn’t have a thing in common with me personally, but I guess you know what I mean. Before that I would tackle over some problems,  but it is only due to some unintended circumstances that I stopped blogging properly (or did I ever do like that (: ).  

Anyways, lots of things happened during this long recess and I pity so much that sometimes I wanted to blog about things happening but couldn’t make it anyhow. And now when I’m in front of the computer everything just fell into complete oblivion. Damn it! But life goes on with its different people wrapped by all the eternal problems.  

To conclude my second entry and to write once more about me let me personally  announce the news on which Onnik has already blogged and congradulated me.  

I passed the first and second rounds of “Hay Super Star” !!  

After the first mischief I hesitated a bit, but finally decided to try it again. Naira Gjurjinyan who is the head of the jury said that she’d really like me to be among best 30 participants and sing my own songs which will be shown on TV. Well, I really don’t want to jump the gun with this, but I’d really like to do that. Although this time already I will never get disappointed if I don’t pass the next rounds, I will think that at least I tried and even had a little success. Let those win who truly deserve it and if I’m one of them, I don’t mind (: Cheer for me!!!

2 Responses to “I’m back..!!”

  1. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Right, cheers for you!

    Well done, and welcome back!

  2. “Hye Super Star” Enticement « Life around me Says:

    […] I was in such a merry mood when I passed the first round of “Hye Super Star 2″ after my failure at the first one, that anything else wouldn’t matter for me, even if I was dismissed during the next 2 rounds. But unfortunately my cheerfulness lasted only a week, It went down as soon as I was presented with a contract, which I had to sign and hand in the next day in order to take part in the next rounds. […]

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