End of my practice

As it was already a month that I was teaching English at one of Yerevan schools I was to have an open lesson as a conclusion to the teaching I carried out during the month. As far as the plan for their educational year included mostly lessons on Great Britain, I decided that it would be much preferable to cover something related to it and my choice stopped on the capital of Great Britain- London.

Pity that I was so much excited that I forgot to take pictures with my pupils. The only thing I can post is that of the poster.


The lesson was entitled “Let’s have a walk in London” as the poster I made for the didactic method had the same title. Each pupil was given assignment to talk on the sightseeings, historical and architectural buildings of London. Two pupils announced the beginning of the lesson telling about Great Britain and its capital London which was the theme of the day. Six pupils presented a staged performance on how two Armenian guys who due to the circumstances found themselves in London ask a group of young Londoners to help them.

After which I started asking questions about the performance which later was developed to questions about Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Madame Tussaud’s, William Shakespeare and even the Beatles. One of the girls recited a poem which gives the row of the nouns which don’t form their plural forms by adding –s and –es, like why ‘mouse’ is ‘mice’, but ‘house’ is never ‘hice’. We concluded the lesson singing “Let it be” by Beatles.

All the pupils were ready, I was so pleased. Even the teachers who attended my open lesson didn’t expect that the “8G” pupils who are so noisy during the lessons could ever be that much ready and quiet and active in answering all of the questions. I was pleased. In the end I said that marks are not important in studying, only the knowledge plays a great role, and I hoped that our work together would stay with them for long long years.

. I liked the teaching process a lot. Though nearly all of the teachers were advising me not to take that way later. Once when I asked why they say so one of the teachers said kiddingly “Because you all will take our places and kick us away”. Well, I’m not going to become a teacher, firstly because it is an ungrateful work as many say, secondly probably I will not be able to take on the responsibility of educating our younger generation, then who will even trust!! However, I liked my days at school, I liked my pupils and I hope they liked me because I think that was the only secret to why my work with them was so productive.

4 Responses to “End of my practice”

  1. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    So that’s what it looked like in the end. Nice.
    Anyways glad you thought your teaching practise was productive. Perhaps the most important thing of all.
    Next time I’m in London perhaps I’ll check out pupils’ walks. 😉

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  3. Zarchka Says:

    How do you like the flag, Onnik? 😉

  4. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Hmmm, the flag? Not bad. Guess you must have have had a good sketch to go on in the first place. 😉

    Still, could be better, but not bad for a first effort, I guess. 😉

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