Trip to Slovakia

Got to make haste now as I’m leaving for Slovakia in several hours and haven’t packed my suitcase yet. The trip is full of promises albeit a bit tiresome and with obstacles on the least that I will leave for Moscow first, and come back to Moscow and stay several days before my flight to Yerevan, that is if I’m lucky and not beaten up by skinheads 😉 (shall I dye my hair and become blond? Naaay, won’t do the trick, I’m too Asian)

I am going to participate in a two day forum on details of which I’ll blog as soon as I’m back to Yerevan safe and sound. My impressions about my four day trip to Slovakia and four day trip to Moscow will not pass omit at that point.

Meanwhile, wish me God Speed!

11 Responses to “Trip to Slovakia”

  1. Myrthe Says:

    Have a safe trip and a good time!

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Thanks, don’t miss!!

  3. Nanyaar? Says:

    hope your Trip rocks have fun.. 🙂

  4. Esoteric Says:

    Trottin’ across the globe like there ain’t no borders! Take care!

    PS Slovakian girls are hot ! 8)

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Hey, Eso, you think I care about them? 😉

  6. Esoteric Says:

    No I guess not; maybe you could mail one to me though? 😉

  7. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Well, remember, Zarchka, be observant of life, culture and people in other countries!!! 😉

    Eso, someone seems have beaten you to it on the study of Slovak girls.

    Oh well, plenty of other countries left.

  8. Esoteric Says:

    Well you know what they say; being first doesn’t necessarily mean you win the game. Next stop Brazil!

  9. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Hmmm, Brazil. You know, I think plenty have probably you there for sure. 😉

    Incidently, just did a search on Brazilian girls, and the first entry is a band I’ve never heard of. Must have been stuck in Armenia too long.

    Anyway, nice site and the music sounds good too.

  10. Esoteric Says:

    Well like I said the finish line is drawn in sand and I think that qualität über alles. It always reigns above any other status quo — Being first, or otherwise.

    Beeesides, the effort I’ve placed in the empirical and unbiased analysis of the female form is heart warming.

    Hmm, I’ve never heard of the BG either… I like the way the skirt is coloured red, don’t like the music much though.

  11. Zarchka Says:

    Hey guys, what a ‘hotgirl’ conversation were you carrying here while I was away?.. 😉

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