Safe and Sound!

It’s sooo pleasant to sleep in my own bed, was longing for it all these days I was away from home!!

Yeah, I’m back, safe and sound and not attacked by skinheads, also not a skinhead was suffered during my trip to Moscow, which could be the case if any 😉 Despite all the bad signs, to which now I start paying more attention than I used to, my plane didn’t crash, although I must admit that probably I lost half a kilogram during each 6 flights I had and God’s name on my lips I was praying for safe landing. Thanks God I’m back!

My impressions about … mmmm…everything I heard, saw and witnessed will come later when I really get some rest after unpacking my things and tidying up the mess at our place – result of my absence…!!! Can anything be done here without me!!??

By that time just to say in several words that the trip was killing tiresome mainly due to the problems I was encountering in every step. And probably that was the reason that I was thinking that I shouldn’t go to anywhere at all, or at least stay at whenever I was at the moment. First of all my Moscow-Prague-Bratislava-Prague-Moscow tickets weren’t delivered to me by DHL on time and they arrived only when I was already in Moscow and I had to get new tickets from the Czech Airlines in Moscow. Then I couldn’t get visa from Slovakian Embassy in Moscow as far as the agreement between two countries is different and for Armenians getting visa is far problematic than that for Russians or say Kirgizians for who it’s a matter of some 5 minutes. But luckily I got it on the last minute when I was already thinking that I’d miss the plane. On the way from Prague to Bratislava it was suddenly announced that they might pilot back to Prague due to bad foggy weather. But it landed after flying around some more 15 minutes. All the signs were against me!

On the way to my final flight the car was stuck in the terrible and well-known Moscow traffic jam, where I lost 2 hours since the beginning of the registration and got to the airport when the gate was all but closed. Embarked with two more trunks meant for being passed to the relatives in Armenia I had to run all over the airport for search of an exchange point for paying for the overweight. I hadn’t prospered so profusely and had such a distance run probably since I was practising Tong-Il-Moo-Do some two years ago.

God, that was really a misery. Especially when Armenian “khopanchi”s coming back from Russia for the New Year filled the atmosphere in the plane with disgusting dirt-sweating, vodka, cigarette smells, although thousands of times it was announced that all the flights of Aeroflot were declared non-smoking. This rule doesn’t work for Armenians though and the toilet cabins were full of smoke.

Well, this is not all the unpleasant part of my trip, but enough on that. After all I’m home again and I’ve better remember only the bright points of whatever happened. So on this, let me have my merited rest. See ya later!


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