Some “After-New-Year” Advice

Hey, How are you? I mean is everyone ok after the New Year food festival lasting for several days? Ask the same question to me – no, I’m not good, I was so bad, well, I’m ok now, but God, why I don’t like this time? You guessed, it’s a rhetoric question, I know why I don’t like it, but this year was the worst New Year in my life. I fell ill and had to spend most of the time in bed because of high temperature and, of course, disordered stomach. I managed to get cold on the 1st of January, had nearly a bottle of ‘machar’ on the 2nd, in case when I usually get drunk of just a sip of a wine, so unaccustomed I am, and on the 3rd of January I couldn’t already move because of terrible pain in my feet, stomach and temperature. So I had a real fun by drinking thousands of different and horribly bad tasting liquids and stuff. It lasted for about 5 days and thankfully I’m fine now, hoping not to get other infections.

All this time I didn’t have internet and wasn’t anyhow able to get to the center and pay for it. And thus I was slumbering in a long and total quiescence, if not considered the amount of guests we had to welcome and see off.

I think feast-victims won’t be less at this time and as far as the medical system here cannot be trusted I want to offer here some of my personal treatment methods, which, I assure you, are safe and tested by me personally. Usually whenever anything goes wrong with my health I know that I am my first and only true doctor, as I have had enough of my bitter experience with doctors and wouldn’t actually call an ambulance even when I was tumbling with pain, as I was pretty much sure that the most they could do would be just injecting some pain reliever (as if it would never dawn on us) insuring that they have at least done something. And of course the pain would start some time later.

Well, let’s start.

– If you are week and do not feel good or active in general, or you feel like getting flu then you need some vitamins. And as my treatment is mainly based on natural methods, instead of taking tablets I do the following; cut a lemon into 4 parts, put it into a kettle or a saucepan, fill with 2-3 cups of water and boil it. When boiled mash the lemon say with potato-masher so that the peels get separated. Fill the substance in a cup and add some 2 tea-spoons of honey. Stir and drink at least twice a day. Healthy and delicious!

– If you have problems with stomach, it feels heavy and disordered. Here all the old traditional means may be handy. You can boil some ‘Aveluk’ (armenian verdure, delicious when made with garlic and nuts) and drink the water. Don’t be afraid to drink that black water, I agree it’s bitter, not very pleasant, but drinking a cup twice a day will bring your stomach to norm. Or you can ask at the chemist’s for ‘Mariamakhot’, again herbal, well, that will be the end of your sufferings, it solves all kind of problems.

– If you have diarrhea best solution will be pomegranate peels. The same way you boil them and drink the water. Again you can find them at chemist’s in small boxes.
Luckily now all that kind of herbal drugs are being sold at drugstores, but unfortunately, when you ask for advice the first they offer are chemical drugs, which surely can be out of date or fake, which was the case with a friend’s mother who was taking antifungal drug Nisoral for about two months hoping that her health was recovering unless she compared the codes in the journal and found out that the company was selling fake medicine. Although now I started trusting Linex which is of natural substance again and also contributes to disbacteriosis treatment.

– And one more advice on stomach. If you don’t feel comfortable after eating something, mainly in the mornings, you’ve better gulp one spoon of beeswax every morning on empty stomach. Do it within 2 weeks and don’t forget to thank me when it passes 😉

– If you feel dizzy or sick and matsoun doesn’t help you anymore, then go to the toilet and puke… for godsaken… sorry, couldn’t resist, just taking piss оff 😉

– If you have a toothache and you are reluctant to go to the dentist, then instead of taking a pain reliever just do the following: on the opposite hand to the painful tooth find the very painful nerve between thumb and forefinger and press it as stronger as you can, so that the pain be unbearable. Hold it like that for some 5 minutes and see if the pain has disappeared. If not, then you really have problems with your teeth, so go to your dentist!

– If there is pain in your hand, legs or any other part, again this method can do miracles instead of all kind of drugs. Put two basins, fill one with very hot water and the other with very cold one and do the following without mixing the order: deepen say your feet into the hot water, hold 3 seconds and deepen them into the cold one, hold 3 seconds and move to the hot one. On the whole you should repeat it for three times deepening your feet in water for 6 times and ending in the cold water. Hope I explained it clearly.

I can really go on the list of such methods if you are interested of course, which I don’t know. So I’m limiting on this much. I’m not a doctor, nor studying at medical university, neither having dreams on how to save this world or foreseeing, just that I’ve tried thousands of methods when I was ill and no medicine could help me but what I really trusted and leaned on – non traditional methods. You can take them seriously or think I’m a lunatic, that’s ok, many people call me like that, so you can’t offend 😉

If any question, will be glad to answer. Stay well!


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