Hrant Dink – Lamenting the Loss

… And for a moment the world sighed and got petrified… a short silent came after, which was later followed by persistent noises of someone’s cry, someone’s scream, someone’s complaint or who knows, by someone’s joyous chuckling… because someone who would always struggle for making his voice be heard was shut… forever…

Both of the nations have their great loss, they lost one more person – speech freedom fighter- on who many people pinned their hopes in solving now a global made problem. The atmosphere is sad and tense… many things were said, but more blood is shed than actions…

“We faced many problems, but now we are used to them…dranc el harmarvats enq” – I remember his words during one of the interviews on TV.

,,, Shall we always have victims for some problems to be raised louder than ever and for bringing people to their senses? How many people should fall victims yet??? And who will punish…who will stop???

We struggle the fear with fear that the fear will struggle us…
The world will never forgive the assassinator the loss of its hero… It shouldn’t!

Dink knew that the cost of his word was his life. I bow before this great man, before his courage…

So much was said, I don’t want to be repeated,,, I lament the loss,,, I thank all of those who organized the vigil to mourn the loss of Hrant Dink. I attended it and wish more people came, wish people were deeply concerned with the things happening around them. Life in Armenia has more on it as well as some photos of the vigil and latest news may be found at Oneworld Multimedia here and here.

As much strange it may sound I didn’t see here much people concerned with this crime. I was attending news on TV these days. The first 2 days all the channels and news crews tried to give as much information as possible, some of them broadcast archives of the interviews with Dink, it was the main issue on all the channels. My mum was following all the news, she was concerned as well as some other relatives of her age with who I talked later and who had learnt the tragic news. They would denounce, argue, lament, but all of them had a point to talk over.

Before attending the vigil in front of Moscow cinema I had to meet my course and not strange it seemed to me right after greeting them to know their opinion about the outrage of the previous day. But more outrageous was the reaction – “What has happened?”, “Who is Hrant Dink?”, “Uh, yes, I’ve learnt about it, but who was he?”. I did an effort to get over the shock for a moment and as we would walk on I tried to explain them what had happened, who he was, what he did. I thought they really were interested, but soon I was deafened in unrelated conversations and laughter.

I was walking silently. Guess the previous days they were too busy at the moles, shopping, doing manicure, choosing what to wear for this day and now downloading music from each others’ phones and so on. And I had no choice but to keep up with them. In the end of the day I told them about the vigil hoping that someone would go with me, but no, again I was alone, they had “more important things” to do. So I left alone.

And even at the vigil most of the people were diasporans, NGO members and young activists, and of course journalists. Although some passer-bys would stop for a moment and inquire what was going on and later stay for a while.That was hopeful, and I still preserve the hope that not everyone is apathetic here. Other young people who I met later displayed not more interest than my coursemates did and what I got was the ignorance mainly among the youth. Why? Whether they were busy with their studies, although it’s holidays, or they really don’t care a dime absorbed in their personal ambitions, which is sad, very sad…

I really wish people were more concerned by things happening not only around them but in the world in general, part of which they are by themselves…


3 Responses to “Hrant Dink – Lamenting the Loss”

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  2. Zarchka Says:

    Was at the rally to farewell Dink today, at the Liberty Square, many people attended… and the youth among them… Thank you.

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