In memory of Khoren Palian

I deeply lament the loss of this wonderful and gifted person.

YEREVAN, JANUARY 24, NOYAN TAPAN. “The Armenian culture suffered a heavy loss – the unmatched artist of Armenian spiritual songs, connoisseur of sharakans Khoren Palian passed away. His contribution was great. He was not only a higly artistic performer of spiritual songs but also their untiring herald in the world, an apologist for education of the future generations by this culture and an active person.” This is said in the Forum of Intellectuals’ press release, which was submitted to NT.

Being from the famous Palian family – he inherited their high human characteristics, talent and unbending will to serve his nation. According to the press release, “everything mean and dark, the permissiveness which have afflicted the Armenian people over the last fifteen years were strange to him.” K.

Palian never betrayed himself: he lived an exemplary life and immortalized his name.

I used to sing at his student choir. I remember how the windows, walls and everything else in and out of the auditorium would shudder from the powerful vibration of his vocal chords. He sang sharakans like nobody else. I really admired this person, how calm he was when talking, how feverish when angry.

I still reminiscence the day when during an event I was to sing a song composed on the basis of one of Hamo Sahyan’s poems. When I finished my song, Palyan stood up, came up to me, held me tightly and said, “You have a voice of the purity of a musical instrument! You shall sing at my choir!”. To hear such words from such a person was higher than anything else, than any estimation from any other person. I felt encouraged seeing someone like him paid attention to my voice. I was happy then.

… There was so much sorrow in his eyes though…

Farewell Mr Palian, I will always remember you, as will all the students who had the favor of knowing you and listening to your unique voice.

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