Moscow nightmares – What’s the difference

Moscow. Daytime.
A relative and I get into the metro train and occupy the seat in the end of the carriage. We start talking. A middle aged man with a brief case, sitting in front of us is looking at us strangely. Finally he sits on the edge of seat as to be closer to us and to be heard. Instead, we feel the vodka with which he stinks.
– Do you know that Georgian girls are being caught here as well?, – he asks with as if nothing meaning but mean smile.
I look at my relative, she hints me not to react. The man is gazing at us boorishly.
– But we are not Georgians,- answers my relative with a smile and we again go on talking to each other.

His smile disappears for a moment. He leans back. After thinking for a moment on “how can’t they be Georgians with such black hair and dark complexion”, he again sits on the edge and calls us to his attention with his forefinger.
– But you are from Caucasus, right?
We don’t pay attention – what to talk to him, especially when he stinks with vodka?

He leans back again with the same mean smile on his face. He gets ready to leave as it’s obviously his station. For the final time he sits on the edge and says:
– Aaah, you are Armenians….. What’s the difference?!, – and leaves.
Losing the opportunity to tell it to him I turn to my relative and say:
– Right, what’s the difference – we all are human beings after all.
But I know, It’s not what he meant. Blind nationalists… if he were younger he’d gang up with the brainless young skinheads and kill as many Caucasians as possible.

It’s rooted in them so deeply…


2 Responses to “Moscow nightmares – What’s the difference”

  1. Nessuna Says:

    Be careful. It is dangerous even in daytime, especially in subway…

  2. Oneworld Multimedia :: Notes from the Armenian Blogosphere :: January :: 2007 Says:

    […] after recently returning from Russia, local blogger Zarchka at Life Around Me has made two posts here and here on what she experienced while visiting Armenia’s most strategic of partners. Amazing […]

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