St. Sargis vs. St. Valentine

Yes, we have our own Armenian St. Valentine’s Day! I mean not exactly. Our saint is not Valentine but Sargis, and so we have St. Sargis’es Day! St. Sargis is a beloved religious observance, especially popular among the youth. It is celebrated 63 days before Easter, on a Saturday falling sometime between January 18 and February 23. This year, St. Sargis is observed on February 3.

For a long time Armenian priests were trying to fight against the western saint – “Why to worship other’s saint when we have our one?”. And still the youth would give presents to their beloved ones on February 14. And all of Armenian church’s attempts to turn the people on Armenian traditions would go flop.

Till this year-I’m afraid to say? Well, the date of St. Sargis was declared 3rd of February about two weeks ago. And now I guess the majority of the youth is aware of it. Wow, there are even special Armenian chocolates for that day…and they are on sale!!

I can’t wait witnessing what will happen this year and who will win – the Armenian church or the west 😉 Will the couples give presents to each other on February 3 or February 14? Or they will prefer make presents on all the two days? Hmm… that must be the most preferable I guess… more presents 😉

They say there shouldn’t necessarily be any special event for making presents to those who we love, because it shouldn’t be an obligation or a duty. The wish to make our beloved ones smile and feel happy must come from the bottom of our hearts, then even a withered flower will seem to be the most wonderful bouquet…

Ah..and mentioning the beloved ones! Don’t forget to ask your grandmas bake salty pies (aghi blit), or get them from the church. By the tradition if they eat salty pie and go to sleep without drinking water, and if someone gives them water in their dreams, they will get married with that person that year. Many people assure that it was exactly the case with them. If you also want to try your destiny this year you should eat the salty pie the night of the 2nd of February, right before the 3rd of February – St. Sargis!

Wish you luck in your searching!!!

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