While the metro escalator takes me down I read the adds on both sides of it and stumble upon this one which is apparently meant for advertising a shop for women:

“Ձեզ համար կանայք”, “For you women”

Wow, what? Really? I grinned. Did you get the same impression as I did? The absence of the coma before ‘women’ and the absence of stress on it gives quite a different connotational meaning to the whole sentence. By the message you grasp not a shop where women can find everything for them, but a shop where women can be found. Funny, isn’t it? Just a comma! But who knows about its non-usage 😉

Would be kind of hilarious if I went there and asked to wrap three women for me 😉

And while this case just raises a smile, there are many others which raise just a sympathy for the illiterate people making those add-notes, or the pitiable usage of Armenian on them; such as: [sQo serviZ] (as if a ‘mourning service’). And while the right spelling of the first word is ‘sGo’, the second word even with [Z] instead of [S] has it’s equivalent in Armenian, which is [tsarajutjun]. And for more than 5 years that note was hang in one of the scary streets in Yerevan, Nar-Dos (and what does Nar-Dos have in common with coffins?) with coffins on both sides along the street, unless it just disappeared one day. Probably the Language Institute ultimately paid attention to it and took it down. Right, there should be control not only on the foreign notes this and there, demanding Armenian necessarily be there, but they should also keep an eye on the Armenian words later appearing next to the foreign language notes.

Anyways, now I decided to warn the owners of the advertisement hoardings if I notice a misspelling in a word, or amistake in a context. So I guess I will call at the women’s shop one day 😉

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