Playing Eurovision

While last year everyone was thrilled about Armenia’s first participation in Eurovision Song Contest, and some liked or criticized Andre along with the song he was to represent, I think this year stand points will be all the same.

It is planned that 20 participants who are already chosen, will contest once more and the winner who will represent Armenia will be decided by the audience-vote. The majority of the participants, as I was attending the TV program, are aged 16-22, and who are actually new faces, or not well known, probably only apart from “Hayer”, whose members will contest separately as well as together.

But you know what’s the funniest and the bizarre point in all this show? That while they are planning a show contest and audience-voting, in the narrow circles everyone knows who will go to Eurovision. Can’t you guess? It is the most honored artist… Hayko!

Woe is us!!!
Am wondering what he will represent there, a romanticized variant of monstrous “Haleluyah” (as he is used to duplicating)?
Well, let’s see yet!

4 Responses to “Playing Eurovision”

  1. Eso Says:

    Haha, “woe is us”, that made me laugh.

  2. Zarchka Says:

    That makes me cry 😉

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Your writings are very interesting. I am from Oregon in America and it is difficult to find information on Armenia other than brief tourist guides. I am moving to Armenia for a peace corps volunteer program and am trying to learn more about it’s people and culture.

  4. Zarchka Says:

    Welcome then!! If any information is needed, will be glad to help 😉

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