CRD/TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007

I’m late with writing this announcement, but in any case, at least now I’d like to drive your attention to Center for Regional Development /Transparency International Armenia Election Monitor 2007 blog. As most of you may already know, this blog will concentrate on all the possible and important news regarding Parliamentary Elections in May. This is to serve an insight into the attempt of democratization.

In partnership with It’s Your Choice, CRD/TI Armenia blog will provide news, interviews, observations and opinions about the upcoming Elections. If you have anything to add, you can have your say, thus helping the elections be as transparent as it has never been.

If you are an ethnic Armenian in Diaspora and you want to be part of the Elections, you can become an election observer and have the fair view of these elections by your own, as CRD/TI blog calls you to take actions.

As Barekendan would say – Let’s wake up and be active!

CRD/TI Armenia blog in English.
CRD/TI Armenia blog in Armenian.

4 Responses to “CRD/TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007”

  1. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    What Zara hasn’t said is that she’s responsible for the Armenian section, so her readers who know Armenian are well advised to go there:

  2. Jonathan Says:


    I have a friend in Ukraine that works for the International Republican Institute (IRI), a non-profit, non-partisan organization to advance freedom and democracy worldwide by developing political parties, civic institutions, open elections, good governance and the rule of the law. She forwarded me this email regarding Armenia. It sounds like the political climate in your country is rapidly changing. I am excited to follow the developments from here in the US and when I arrive in Armenia.

    Here is a portion of the email:

    YEREVAN MOVES TO DEPOLITICIZE LAW-ENFORCEMENT, JUDICIARY Armenia is embarking on a sweeping structural reform of its law-enforcement system that is supposed to bring it into greater conformity with European standards. Under a government bill approved by parliament on February 26, Armenian prosecutors will be stripped of their most significant authority: to conduct pre-trial investigations involving arrests and interrogations of criminal suspects. That will now become the exclusive prerogative of the police and the National Security Service, the Armenian successor to the Soviet KGB.

    Best Wishes – Jon

  3. Zarchka Says:

    Armenian political situation is really tense and not stable now.
    If you really want to be in the core of the politics and other related things happening in Armenia, I’d advise you looking through CRD/TI Armenia Election Monitor blog from time to time, I’m sure it will provide you with all the necessary information you need by the time you come to Armenia and witness everything by yourself.

  4. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Hmmm, I also have to kind of be alarmed at news that officially “pre-trial investigations involving arrests and interrogations of criminal suspects […] will now become the exclusive prerogative of the police and the National Security Service, the Armenian successor to the Soviet KGB.”

    This is alarming to say the least, and if there was some good intent meant with this change, in the short to mid term I can only see this being a perfect opportunity to use the former KGB in the internal political affairs of the RoA.

    In fact, we’ve already seen this with two candidates for the May Parliamentary Election being detained and questioned by the former KGB, one human rights lawyer being kept in isolated detention by the same agency, and one political activist currently in extended pre-trial detention without any concrete evidence for his arrest being presented so far.

    Yes, “political climate in your country is rapidly changing,” but I’m not sure it’s for the better. Time will tell.

    BTW: Re. IRI, are they here yet? I know they’re conducting surveys, but nobody can tell me if their office is opened yet or if they’re working in Armenia via their Tbilisi office.

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