During a translation one of the 2nd year students translated:

“… in Japan…”

“… Ղափանում…”

Hehehe… Of course we laughed, and pondered later “mmmm…”, especially when the material never included anything about Armenia.

3 Responses to “(mis)translation…”

  1. Nvard Says:

    I’m sorry but there occur mis-translations every day.
    For example
    1. The United States of America – Amerikayi Miacyal Tagavorutyun
    2. The man used to do gardening without shirt – Na sovorabar partezum aranc tabati er ashxatum
    3. with his hands in his trousers’ pockets – cerqer@ vartiqi grpanum / to say frnakly i haven’t seen pants with pockets/ :):)

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Hehe… vartiq is funny :):) !!

  3. Kh.Khorin Says:


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