City in posters

And though early in the morning I got up from an sms wishing me happy Easter, the first thing I striking me soon after it when I looked through the window was Dashnaktsutyun Party’s poster stuck on the opposite wall of my building. “Wow, Sunday, early in the morning, literary first hours of the official period and they have already managed to go about the blocks with posters or someone in our block is apparently Dashnak” was my first thought.

Later on when I left home I saw two other posters attached on the building. My doubts about someone in my neighborhood being dashnak were eliminated when on the way to Gavar I witnessed other posters put up on the majority of Yerevan buildings. Quite thumping was the scene in the center of Gavar, where apart from the posters stuck on almost all the buildings, a huge white ball with Dashnaktsutyun sign was hang in the middle of an intersection, and it kind of reminded me of the “yes-vote” used in GB.

Therefore contrasting it was not to see a single poster by Prosperous Armenia Party in Gavar, despite the huge posters which appeared in Yerevan long before the start of the official campaign. Though, unlike the latter and the Republican Party, Dashnaks at least waited for the start of the official campaign and took to actions without wasting a single minute and probably spending the whole night putting up those posters all over the way.

However, it was about a month that I noticed advertisement hoardings in the central Yerevan, which carried a white blank and just a “V” sign on it, which is how the ballots should be marked. And though I was suspecting it to have a direct connection with elections, I decided to wait and see what would appear later. So now on the way back to Yerevan finally it turned clear to me. A slogan of Prosperous Armenia Party was added to the “V” sign. So allegedly, they had rented the hoardings long before anyone would, and to avoid an obvious illegal campaign, which is incidentally not exactly defined by the Electoral Code and the posters cannot be considered campaign items unless they preach to vote for them, they took a rather clever step by leaving the hoardings blank and adding the name of the party only by the start of the official campaign.

Nevertheless, today was the long expected day for the parties and while only Dashnaktsutyun started it energetically, it is supposed that the others will join it after the holiday. Although I may assume that some people do not like this. By the time I returned home I noticed that already an attempt was made to tear the posters stuck at my building, and evidently they failed in it just because the height of the poster and the strong fixation on the wall. Obviously someone didn’t like either Dashnaktsutyun itself or the fact that those posters are being stuck everywhere and on their buildings. And I entirely agree with the latter, as far as there should be certain regulations set by the Local Administrative Body as to where the posters are allowed to be attached, and I may bet it can’t be on every step.

Hence my other concern is followed: will those posters be cleaned as energetically as they were stuck by the same people? I find the view with traces of the torn posters really disgusting and polluting the city. Now imagine all the 24 parties sticking their posters, slogans and plans on every step, on every building. And this is not the first case when after elections no one cares of cleaning the walls from the torn poster traces. Otherwise I suggest the general cleaning of the city not take in April, but after the elections, when all the parties will have enough put up their posters.


7 Responses to “City in posters”

  1. Zarchka Says:

    Oneworld Multimedia has a related post on the start of the official campaign here:

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Incidentally, mentioning elections, Garo over at Notes from Hairenik blog wrote an article about youth apathy, where he also interviewed me. The article for The Armenian Weekly is here, while he mentions about it in his blog here.

  3. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Well, good point about cleaning them off, and the Mayor’s Office has already raised such concerns too. One hopes that those parties most guilty of sticking up posters — one thinks of the BHK primarily — will later be responsible for clearing their own mess up, but I wonder?

    Anyway, re. Dashnaks, at least the posters feature something that we’ve heard next to nothing about so far. That is, it details their party political program. This is at least a good start, and we need more of the same from other parties. That’s also as much part of “democracy” as anything else.

    Perhaps, even, it will be hearing those promises, and maybe believing in some candidates if not all of them, that will see more citizens protect their votes this time round or not take bribes. I can but hope.

  4. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    Hmmm, according to this news item there are only certain places where posters can be displayed. However, I’m not sure whether these are the types of posters that they mean — i.e. flyers as opposed to billboards.

    Still, I’d welcome IYC’s opinion on the matter if you get a change to discuss this with Harut. Thanks.

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Sure, I might inquire. I’m interested as well.

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    […] a related note, Zarchka from Life around me writes about the energetic start of the election campaign by Dashnaktsutyun Party with posters […]

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