If anyone is ever interested why I don’t blog…

Yep, I’m not happy with it, of course, but… I have to busy myself with my forthcoming state exams.Well, it’s rather that they are busing me with themselves. Whatsever. Can’t think of anything else but my spot questions and how I’m going to pass my exams. I guess I mentioned it in some previous post, rather I’m doing it all the time.

I really lament the fact that unfortunately this period coincides with parliamentary elections and I could do so much regarding it, but I already gave up doing anything and am even thinking of not observing the forthcoming elections with IYC, well, if I’m lucky and everything goes well by that time, I might observe for the half of the day, at least something. My first exam is on May 15 and I wouldn’t really like to turn up half prepared or exhausted. But to tell the truth, I am already tired, tired of worrying, though I guess I shouldn’t… just keep calm…

Anyways, some time ago wanted to write about the workshop Civil Society Institute held in Tsaghadzor in participance with several NGO’s and political parties, who were to represent their activities, and young people from several regions. I represented It’s Your Choice, talked about it’s activities, programs, plans and so on. Tthough most of the youth gathered there seemed rather apathetic in being involved in anything, instead, being interested in playing games more than anything… albeit it was well organized.

Interesting it was, when during my presentation a girl, who represented a youth ngo and who incidentally appeared to be a member of CEC, in front of everyone argued with me that the lists with names are being hang in polling stations 29 days before elections, opposing to my statment that they are hang 40 days before elections. She insisted on her point saying that who would hang the lists if the commission is not made up yet, proving once more her ignorance of the Electoral Code, as far as the precinct commission has nothing to do with hanging the lists, it being the responsibility of the department of passports of each community and the heads of the structures, buildings turned into polling stations.

To this, of course, trying to calm her feverish speech and efforts to turn me wrong, I simply advised her to look through the Electoral Code, if she didn’t trust my word. Later she came up to me with appologies, saying that she had made several calls and was told that my point was unarguable. Her previopus statment she explained bringing the fact that during some previous elections the lists at her polling station had been hang 29 days before elections and that was what bewildered her. I wish she never justified herself, thus unconsiously pulling herself into a more stupid situation.

Was interesting anyways – the member of the Central Electoral Commission is judjing based on her previous experience during elections and not on the Electoral Code. Hope not all the members carry this way of judgment. Anyways…

Later was the Volunteer Fair organised by The Future Is Yours NGO, where some 40 NGOs were presenting their activities and calling for joining them and becoming volunteers. Many young people turned up, guess it was interesting. More interesting was the fact that most of the people who came up to the table, where IYC had its material for handing out, wanted to own the Electoral Codes, because either they were from the faculty of law, or were in the electoral commissions or were proxies for the upcoming elections. Obviously, a need to look through the Electoral Code came to its point now (; But unfortunately, we had only several Electoral Codes, and couldn’t hand out the last one. I wonder whether the electoral commission members are not given out Electoral Codes during the seminar-trainings they have?

Whatsoever, there are many other things related to the parliamentary elections to mention and to talk about, but guess I will stop on this. I don’t hesitate or escape, just I lack time and need to work hard. It’s very important for me, given also the fact that in the previous I had some problems with my pro-rector, who will incidentally be in the examining board, and I need to prove him something.

Well, enough on this, I quit for a while, though I could post a bit if there’s time to kill, though don’t think so. Let’s see, now I get down to swotting up my exam questions and other inescapable things.

See ya soon! Cheers!


2 Responses to “If anyone is ever interested why I don’t blog…”

  1. Artashes Says:

    Again about women’s role in the society.

    Is is it where Armenian women too stand in the 21st century, next to Moroccan and Algerian French ones?


    What a shame… And TRIPLE shame for those Armenian Neanderthal men, those miserable primitive imbecils who “would not accept their bride not to be a virgin”!!!

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Well, I guess you meant to fit this under the previous post made on this blog, thanks for the link, anyways.

    If to dwell upon it in several words, while in Algeria and Morocco it’s a matter of spoiled religion, here it is demanded by the spoiled tradition. And I don’t really consider them to be victims of those two, if they don’t have the gut to take responsibilities for their actions and rather prefer starting that, by my understandings, very important phase of their life by lying to their fiancés or husbands-to-be. Just one thing is pitiable: if the artificial component of the religion needs to be realized, let it be done mutually, I mean how can one check whether the guy is virgin or not, and does anyone anyways 😉 ? Guess guys are lucky to avoid that outrage and disgrace.

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