Mysterous facts and numbers

It was a calm evening and my little brother and I decided to watch a film on DVD. Sitting on the armchairs we were enjoying the film when a boom was heard in the distance, which was followed by a flicker of a firework right in front of our window, and we didn’t even have to raise to see it. so unexpected it was.

Me: What is it?
Bro: Bargavach Hayastan’s rally, it was giving a concert.
Me: Uh, right, I forgot.
(The firework seemed to last long, more than 5 minutes or so)
Me: It’s long…
Bro: Yes, and how much money they waste on it!!! Thousands of dollars!!!…

His surprise was my surprise. He is 14, and yet realizes the amount of money being spent on such events. Don’t know whether he also meant all the rallies and concerts held by parties in other communities as well, but if he really did, I’d cry out instead…Thousands of dollars!!! Do the campaign finances include that sum??!!

I also learnt that while Dashnaktsutyun pays the singers $150 per song and the Republicans pay $300, Bargavach pays $500. Now multiply that sum by all the rallies, concerts and singers during these 40days. WOW!!! Sure, in the end it will turn out that all our singers are doing charities for the sake of the ideology they support and the parties will come up with zero numbers in their financial reports…. Blah…Blah…!!

More interesting is what followed later. My cousins came to our place. They said they had been passing by the park where the rally took place. I asked whether it was packed or well attended.
“Sure,- he said,- Some buses were bringing people, dropping them at the park and moving on. Some 5 buses were waiting at the market when I passed, guess they just wanted to stay out of sight.”
Hmmm…The community inhabitants do not really need a lift to the park, because it’s pretty close from every angle. Guess what I mean?

Here I remembered the student buses funded by Bargavach Hayastan party and how one of the students would tell that they are forced to go everywhere wherever the buses deviate from the home leading road….

What a mysterious buses…!! I wonder whether such buses also appear at the rallies held by other parties? Hm??

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