:) !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I guess days spent on scrutinizing what segmental relevance is, why Daniel Jones from the London phonological school talks about family of sounds, or trying to understand the difference between Old English strong and weak vowels or the theory of Nexus and Juncture by Jesperson finally gave the positive results.

People, I passed my first exam excellently!!!

Now I can breath a bit calmly, though the final exam on pedagogics and methods of foreign language teaching is still ahead. More ten days absorbing the questions from early in the morning till the point where I get exhausted. But at least, now I won’t look for stylistic devices in everything English I read or listen, trying to analyse whether it’s a metaphor, euphemism, alliteration or a stylistic inversion. Phew… 🙂

On the other hand, I’m very glad that I studied the language from its scientific points, and not the practical alone. Well, the mastery of the language comes along with the practice, while I will always have this luggage of knowledge with me. I hope so.

Yet, the next is left – now studying how to give knowledge, habits and skills to the school pupils. Let’s see how I will end up!!


9 Responses to “:) !!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. adam Says:


  2. Artashes Says:

    Great! Congratulations! Your English in the blog has improved as well (I was not following it for some time, so I can see the difference). Whereas it was atrocious when I first saw this blog, now it is simply terrible! :):)

    An example from the previous entry: “It’s proxy was so joyous that ran out of the polling station…..” Girl, this is an UNFORGIVABLE mistake for a specialist of English language!!! “It’s” proxy????? “It is proxy” or “It has proxy”, which “it’s” is that??? The pronoun “its” is written without the apostrophe, Miss Graduating Teacher of English (is it Bryusov you are graduating from?)! Are you intensely blushing now? You should be! Are you feeling embarrassed?? You should be! Are you thinking of dropping all the exams and enrolling in a monastery as a nun to atone for this UNFORGIVABLE blunder?? Well, calm down, I wouldn’t go that far. At least, you have (some) brains, and hopefully, after reading this you will never, never EVER make such a mistake again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The above was an example of pedagogy: strong emotional impact accompanying the substantive lesson – students will never forget it! Learn from the pros, my nascent colleague, I can’t take it with me! :):)

  3. Zarchka Says:

    Dear Artashes,
    I just see that you don’t miss a single opportunity to attack me, how can it be explained? Ok, our opinions do not coincide in many points, but on what grounds do you make personal attacks??!! You are free to find other mistakes in this blog, and they are not few, I admit. But those are just the results of my inattentive typing and not lack of knowledge. I found the mistake in that sentence long before you did, just never had time to get connected and correct it (as a matter of fact, usually I don’t, because of lack of time and this is not a justification). And why are you so grouchy, anyways? Because I suspect that you didn’t understand that the mistake was just a typographic one. Listen, even “pros” admit that there is always room for improvement. Or do you really believe you are so perfect? And anyways, why do you come back to this blog if it is so terrible?? I remember someone called you the “ethic code” of the blogosphere. Guess you took it on too much. But where’s your blog? I propose that you start a blog with the same name and disqualify the other blogs. Guess there will be many people who have grudge against you. But I’m very kind, So, give it a go, IT’S not a bad idea!!
    This is for the last time that I approve comments containing personal attacks. More such comments of abusive character and I will simply delete them.

  4. Artashes Says:

    You are so cute! For the first time in my life I see an educated and even intelligent girl (I don’t believe I wrote this: ok, let’s put a qualifier “somewhat” somewhere there :)) with a total, complete, and overwhelming absence of THE SENSE OF HUMOR!!! Even my smiliks did not help….. 😦
    You have a very serious medical condition called humoratrophia lateralis (I am a doctor by education, so trust me on that), and the only cure is a surgery… that goes for months and even years. They take out, one after another, such important contributors to humoratrophia as blandness, excessive seriousness, lack of playfulness, and literal understanding of words. With time, in the best case scenario, patients start smiling and laughing … at themselves, learn the meaning of the word irony, and start using colorful metaphors.
    Looking at the patient #37 Zaruhi Ovgitiinchyan, we can diagnose her with a chronic form of humoratrophia lateralis (due to studying for all of her life, lack of contact with witty representatives of the opposite sex, and the sheltered environment in her family). Prognosis: tough case, but if she starts taking herself not so seriously and socializes more with “perfect” people like artashes98.livejournal.com, she might get cured and even develop an open and sunny smile on her face! 🙂

  5. Zarchka Says:

    Hopefully I know the difference between irony, sarcasm and humour. Your comment didn’t cause laughter at all and couldn’t be taken for humour anyways, so two other choices are left. “How down to earth you are, Mr Doctor!!!”, I say, which can be qualified as irony, as it is a stimultaneous realization of two logical meanings, which stand in opposition to each other. So, only one choice is left… Guess?
    Hey, what a wonderful doctor you are, diognazing not even examining the patient (oh, you are a “pro” I recollect) !!! Well, the majority of doctors here consider themselves be the same – diagnozing cancer, whereas the patient just has a stomack bug…
    Thanks for the prognosis, anyways, but how could you really think that I could rely on the diognasis of one doctor only, about the authority of which I don’t know anything??!! I’d rather trust the prognosis of other “perfect” people who don’t jump the gun with their conclusions: overwhelming resilience and good sense of humour, sociable and other bla bla blas…. and always smiling like the sun (well, almost always 😉
    By the way, how is called the disease when people think they are above the rest, the most intelligent, the best, they know everything and they think they are it, I mean probably supercilious, highty, overweening and stuff??? I’d harshly set that diognasis for you 😉
    Guess now you will distinguish between the devices I used in my comment . Don’t know what you intended with your comment, but your tone was quite sarcastic and your point about joking is disregarded. So you’ve better not string me along!!!
    End of the subject,

  6. Liborale Says:

    Artashes, the word for you is not an English one – you’re a schmuck!

  7. Artashes Says:

    And who the schmuck are you? 🙂

  8. Վարդան Says:

    Artashes I think I found your home page

  9. Artashes Says:

    Thanks, I checked it out, but the domain was occupied: it says “Exclusive ownership of Վարդան. All rights reserved.” 🙂

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