Now when I passed my exams I have plenty of time to kill, so didn’t mind accompanying a friend to a concert, though didn’t even know what it was. It turned out to be a concert by “Aravot” Armenian national dance ensemble before their trip to France, Spain and Italy.

The hall at Paronyan theatre was packed – not that they were so famous, just the relatives of all hundred or more dancing children were elbowing each other carrying bouquets of flowers for their children.

Funny thing! The hall at the same theatre is half empty even during very famous and brilliant indeed performances with Honorable Artists such as Svetlanna Grigoryan and Boris Pepanyan. And ridiculously it’s always packed during such concerts and some others with Armenian cheap “pop stars”. Probably the artists simply don’t have that much relatives to call to their performances (;

(By the way, talking of cheap singers!! Didn’t have an opportunity to talk about this before. Hayko proved once more that he sucks and can’t be better. Meanwhile I’m of the opinion that someone else with proper vocal potentialities could have gained more scores had he sang the same song, though corny it might seem, but it sounded quite impressive among other cherry-merry songs. And I voted for Serbia!!)


The children on the stage were not bad. Some work had been done, but not enough. (For a moment I even lamented that years ago I stopped dancing at a group after attending it for a month.) Guess the quantity was stressed and not the quality. If even so, I was watching and thinking that so many children are cut off from streets and have something to busy themselves with and obviously they were dancing with great pleasure. Moreover, someone funded them a trip to Europe. And that’s commendable!!!
However, the children were enthusiastic, but more thrilled seemed their parents (;

3 Responses to “Dancing…”

  1. Zarchka Says:

    Yeah, the picture is blurred, but wanted to post anyways (:

  2. Myrthe Says:

    You are making a very good point that this is a way to keep the kids off the streets and away from the tv. I think that is a lot more important than the quality of the dancing.

    By the way, I hope your exams went well.

  3. Zarchka Says:

    Sure, the involvement of children in any field of art or sport is of educational value and preferable to wandering at streets and game zones or internet clubs with no restriction of age for accessing certain sites and etc. Those children have huge amount of energy which needs to be wasted in the right direction. Therefore it is the parents task to bring about their children’s aspirations and contribute to their further development.

    And thanks Myrthe, my exams really went pretty well!!

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