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My nose and smoke

July 31, 2007

Finally, the fact that I cannot stand anything connected with cigarettes and smoke is grounded and does not seem like a whim anymore.

First of all, it’s interesting that my dislike to smoking was since childhood for no one smokes in my family and my organism was not intoxicated with nicotine, unlike that of other children’s whose fathers blow the smoke right on the face of their new born children, thus expressing their love and joy. Not mentioning about their mothers, who express their care by smoking whether before or during pregnancy and later wonder why their children are somewhat retarded.And it’s also funny that later those fathers get exasperated when they find out that their 11 years old boys are smoking. What did they expect? Are the others to be blamed for making their children’s organism used to nicotine?

Many things are irritating me, but smoking is the strongest one. Probably that’s why I got enrolled in an NGO which was carrying out lectures at schools about smoking, drugs, etc. etc. to tell the children (and not only them) about diseases, damages and other consequences caused by smoking. (more…)

Lyusya-Marusya ;)

July 30, 2007

Dear V.

Today I watched the Armenian film “Don’t be afraid” where the leading part is played by Khoren Levonyan, grandson of the famous Armenian actor Khoren Abrahamyan, and your somewhat dear friend, “beauty” of Armenia and vice-miss of Europe Lusine Tovmasyan. And I’m sorry to reveal once more how talentless the girl is with her icy white face, childish voice and dull appearance.

So, I should admit that right was your friend when he said that only you and Aznavour seem to like her 😉

Sincerely yours.
Z. 🙂

“Togh-Magh” Park

July 27, 2007

As promised in my previous post.
My favorite place in Yerevan… 🙂

Picture 297 copy

Picture 292 copy

Picture 289 copy


The hole to be filled with hopes??

July 26, 2007

As I mentioned in my previous post the environmental action by Public Ecological Coalition took place today, July 26, by the Arno Babajanyan statue. I was late for some 30 minutes, so can’t say how it started, who talked, what they did. I saw many people from different organizations and parties united over this protest. From what I inquired neither the center municipality nor the mayor’s office knows who that area is owned by and who dug that huge pit. Funny thing, someone is digging an enormous hole in the very center of the city whereas the center municipality is some 300 meters away, yet none of the employees either didn’t notice the hole or didn’t bother to give it a damn. Ridiculous!!!

Picture 274

However, I had the opportunity to witness an interesting scene. Was talking to the Chair of “Virgin Sandukht Women’s Union” NGO when an aged woman started shouting at her, stretching out her hands and crying out that the pit is meant for a subway construction, then shouting at people gathered not to pile up there any more and bother the citizens, she being a center dweller for a long time for now. The idea of subway on a small street like Tumanyan is preposterous indeed. Do the Northern Avenue dwellers really need a subway for assuring their safety? (more…)

It’s Your Choice Final Report

July 26, 2007

Final report on results of “It’s Your Choice” NGO’s observation mission of the May 12, 2007 National Assembly elections in Armenia.

Monitors of IYC have carried long-term and short-term observation of 12 May 2007 Armenian parliamentary elections at all territorial commissions.

IYC’s observation of the official campaign has shown that unlike the 2003 presidential and parliamentary elections and 2005 constitutional referendum, the 2007 parliamentary elections have, to some extent been taking place in a relatively peaceful and balanced environment. Certain positive motives recorded by IYC, however, did not exclude certain serious violations and shortcomings of the official campaign, voting and vote counting processes, particularly outside polling stations. See more (MsWord doc)

Away from people and city destruction – a green nook

July 25, 2007

First of all, was going to publish this post when read at bekaisa, later confirmed by a friend about an environmental open air conference and action to take place tomorrow, July 26 in the Opera area by the Arno Babajanyan statue aimed to protesting against environmental destruction, namely the construction of a new café-restaurant right next to the statue where a huge hole is already dug.

It’s really about the time, if not late though, and hopefully something may be done to stop further destruction of that area. But to tell the truth, at the moment the city center seems so horrifying to me, with its dust, con-destruction, traffic noise, people cursing each other in traffic jams, that I don’t really envy the center dwellers and I assume, given the fact that more villas appear in the outskirts of the city, some 2 years later the center will be inhabited by diasporans living in “elite” buildings built especially for them, and tourists only.

On that, how many parks do you know in Yerevan where there are more trees than cafe tables? Dreading to mention the city center which is rather a café area with several trees than a park, I double dread to mention the Botanic Garden learning the latest news that a huge area separated for construction of a new closed garden in a hotbed, turned out to be privatized by one of the heads of the garden, who actually intended to build kind of a villa for himself. After all, one can only hope that the entrance to “Pushkin” Park, which is being re-constructed now by means of All-Armenian Foundation, will be free after it, as was reported by them. Let’s see.

However, there is one park in the center where you can just sit calmly on the bench or somewhere on the grass and no rabiz music coming from corny cafes will disturb you. There is a cafe or probably two with some 3-4 tables which are very ordinary and humble enough if compared with the luxury of cafes around Opera house. That’s the so called “Komaygi” in front of “Shirak” Hotel. Nice place, when I’m in the center and have free time to kill or need rest I usually go there. (not to jinx…thu..thu…thu…)

But probably not many of you know about another park in the suburbs of Yerevan – known as “Togh-Magh” and now renamed into “Vardavar” Park. (more…)

Shushan & Nune (VS?)

July 24, 2007

Couldn’t keep this in.
Was watching the “Horizon” news program on Shant TV which hosted Shushan Petrosyan and Nune Yesayan, honored artists of Armenia, before their common concert titled “Before becoming mothers”. And what can I say? They were great, in a sense that it was such a cheap show full of pretentiousness.

So what we have: they never hated each other, never badmouthed, never cursed each other, they respect what the other does, although Shushan is jealous if Nune happens to sing a song professionally, Nune is devoid of envy and jealousy, Shushan just jumped to the occasion when offered to give a concert with Nune, it’s not even about money or a show, it’s about their current situation, people gossip much and that hurts both of them, don’t trust rumors.

Funnily, was talking to a journalist recently, who had interviewed Shushan years ago and she was kind of secretly telling me what names Shushan called Nune. And though unlike Nune, I find Shushan the only singer in Armenia who is an artistic individual gifted with powerful voice, talent, creativity, eloquent speech, I should also note that this performance was and is too much artificial. It was even obvious from the other side of the screen.

Another funny thing. Nune admitted that it’s hurting when people pass her by indifferently, and I remembered how once she parked at the cascade, came out of the car and was talking to a guy for some 15 minutes, whereas people gathered there preferred watching the street guy doing tricks with a ball and didn’t even bother to pay attention to her.

From what I heard so far, I guess this concert gains rather negative than positive attitudes. But I’d hope that now these two singers  are really in such perfect terms as they show it. Unbelievable though.

Anyways, I abhor pretentiousness, although probably that’s part of their profession if they want to struggle their way.

…Of late

July 15, 2007

As far as I didn’t have my computer during past month or so, I couldn’t have blogged, well did it to the possible extent. So now I decided to post some pictures dated back from June up to recently. Read my post through my photos 😉

                  Picture 054 copy

                  Picture 065 copy

The International Day of Children; happily drawing at the Liberty Square and dancing and playing and fun fun fun!!!

                  Picture 063 copy

I didn’t miss the opportunity to return to my childhood and left my trace at the square: how do you like my Mickey??!!

The Incomplete Rain

July 8, 2007

When some 5 years ago a book of poems was given to me by its author I looked through it and put in the shelf – thought it’s complicated for me. Now I took it out again, cleaned the dust and placed it on my desk – it’s so dear.
The book is called “The incomplete rain”. The author is Hasmik Sargsyan. She is known in that midst and some of you may even know her, but never guess. Her poems speak for themselves and the poetess herself, so I will not dwell upon them and tell how wonderful they are, leaving it to your consideration. With kind permission of the author I will be posting some of her poems – those dearest to her and close to me. (more…)

Singing Italian

July 4, 2007

Remember once I blogged about a friend of mine who is a poet and a singer? Well, yes, I’d tease him a lot saying that he’d never succeed because he wanted to do many things at once. So now he appeared to be much more purposeful than me. After recording his first song, where I did backing vocals for him, he took to recording the next one. And enormous was my surprise when one day he called me saying to watch his video the next day early in the morning. I threatened to “kill” him if he was bluffing just to make me wake up early. But… yeah he was serious…

Now his song Chiss`a perch`e is on sale at Armenian Musical Center. Don’t know why the introduction is wrongly made, however, he sounds good, not my style though. And I’ll always keep saying that his first song sounds better, if you guess what I mean 😉

Anyways, remember this name – Poghos Balayan – may be he’ll become famous one day.
Wish you good luck Poghos!!!