Singing Italian

Remember once I blogged about a friend of mine who is a poet and a singer? Well, yes, I’d tease him a lot saying that he’d never succeed because he wanted to do many things at once. So now he appeared to be much more purposeful than me. After recording his first song, where I did backing vocals for him, he took to recording the next one. And enormous was my surprise when one day he called me saying to watch his video the next day early in the morning. I threatened to “kill” him if he was bluffing just to make me wake up early. But… yeah he was serious…

Now his song Chiss`a perch`e is on sale at Armenian Musical Center. Don’t know why the introduction is wrongly made, however, he sounds good, not my style though. And I’ll always keep saying that his first song sounds better, if you guess what I mean 😉

Anyways, remember this name – Poghos Balayan – may be he’ll become famous one day.
Wish you good luck Poghos!!!

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