…Of late

As far as I didn’t have my computer during past month or so, I couldn’t have blogged, well did it to the possible extent. So now I decided to post some pictures dated back from June up to recently. Read my post through my photos 😉

                  Picture 054 copy

                  Picture 065 copy

The International Day of Children; happily drawing at the Liberty Square and dancing and playing and fun fun fun!!!

                  Picture 063 copy

I didn’t miss the opportunity to return to my childhood and left my trace at the square: how do you like my Mickey??!!

Picture 174 copy

Meanwhile, youth is struggling against HIV. Help yourself with condoms!!!

Picture 176 copy

Whereas, children were roaming about full of curiosity as to what was being distributed. Candy?

                 Picture 113 copy

Finally through with my “Uborka”. This is only half of my toys. But only some of them found their place back on the wall, I placed the small ones on the curtain rod. Packed the rest in a box to take to a children’s house or an orphanage when I visit next time. The others are so dear to me, can’t part with them.

                   Picture 105 copy

                  Picture 102 copy

                  Picture 108 copy

Antique car exhibition or something like that. Never knew there are so many antique cars in Armenia. I really liked them. Wouldn’t mind having one (but mmm….after the dis-construction of Yerevan).

                      Picture 185 copy

And this guy – “Gor and friends” – don’t know about his friends but this guy has a powerful and very special voice, it is pure and well articulated. Learned he is in the phase of voice modulation yet and wanted to train his voice not to distort it. Well, good luck! Keep it up!


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