Shushan & Nune (VS?)

Couldn’t keep this in.
Was watching the “Horizon” news program on Shant TV which hosted Shushan Petrosyan and Nune Yesayan, honored artists of Armenia, before their common concert titled “Before becoming mothers”. And what can I say? They were great, in a sense that it was such a cheap show full of pretentiousness.

So what we have: they never hated each other, never badmouthed, never cursed each other, they respect what the other does, although Shushan is jealous if Nune happens to sing a song professionally, Nune is devoid of envy and jealousy, Shushan just jumped to the occasion when offered to give a concert with Nune, it’s not even about money or a show, it’s about their current situation, people gossip much and that hurts both of them, don’t trust rumors.

Funnily, was talking to a journalist recently, who had interviewed Shushan years ago and she was kind of secretly telling me what names Shushan called Nune. And though unlike Nune, I find Shushan the only singer in Armenia who is an artistic individual gifted with powerful voice, talent, creativity, eloquent speech, I should also note that this performance was and is too much artificial. It was even obvious from the other side of the screen.

Another funny thing. Nune admitted that it’s hurting when people pass her by indifferently, and I remembered how once she parked at the cascade, came out of the car and was talking to a guy for some 15 minutes, whereas people gathered there preferred watching the street guy doing tricks with a ball and didn’t even bother to pay attention to her.

From what I heard so far, I guess this concert gains rather negative than positive attitudes. But I’d hope that now these two singers  are really in such perfect terms as they show it. Unbelievable though.

Anyways, I abhor pretentiousness, although probably that’s part of their profession if they want to struggle their way.

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