The hole to be filled with hopes??

As I mentioned in my previous post the environmental action by Public Ecological Coalition took place today, July 26, by the Arno Babajanyan statue. I was late for some 30 minutes, so can’t say how it started, who talked, what they did. I saw many people from different organizations and parties united over this protest. From what I inquired neither the center municipality nor the mayor’s office knows who that area is owned by and who dug that huge pit. Funny thing, someone is digging an enormous hole in the very center of the city whereas the center municipality is some 300 meters away, yet none of the employees either didn’t notice the hole or didn’t bother to give it a damn. Ridiculous!!!

Picture 274

However, I had the opportunity to witness an interesting scene. Was talking to the Chair of “Virgin Sandukht Women’s Union” NGO when an aged woman started shouting at her, stretching out her hands and crying out that the pit is meant for a subway construction, then shouting at people gathered not to pile up there any more and bother the citizens, she being a center dweller for a long time for now. The idea of subway on a small street like Tumanyan is preposterous indeed. Do the Northern Avenue dwellers really need a subway for assuring their safety?

These women started bawling at each other and the “rebel” was chased away. Though she returned some time later and was wandering somewhere around. Later I was told that some people at the corner were inciting her with the attempt to cause disturbance and disperse the crowd.

Uh, so we already had some stakeholders??!!

Anyways, the atmosphere was really tense at a moment, then people calmed down, got back to their heated discussions. Some were feverishly blaming Kharabakhtsis for everything mal, while the others were symbolically filling a palm of a soil into the pit.

Picture 275 copy

I guess they decided to hold further actions, but what exactly, I don’t know, whether it was not announced or I wasn’t attentive. One thing for sure, this needs to be fought to the end once started.

Later was discussing the situation in general with a friend and he gave an interesting characterization: our country is sick and like every sick person its immunity is low, which makes it vulnerable for all kinds of viruses, which develop in it even after killing it.

Where is the doctor? Who knows the medicine???

Picture 277 copy

Picture 279 copy

4 Responses to “The hole to be filled with hopes??”

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