My nose and smoke

Finally, the fact that I cannot stand anything connected with cigarettes and smoke is grounded and does not seem like a whim anymore.

First of all, it’s interesting that my dislike to smoking was since childhood for no one smokes in my family and my organism was not intoxicated with nicotine, unlike that of other children’s whose fathers blow the smoke right on the face of their new born children, thus expressing their love and joy. Not mentioning about their mothers, who express their care by smoking whether before or during pregnancy and later wonder why their children are somewhat retarded.And it’s also funny that later those fathers get exasperated when they find out that their 11 years old boys are smoking. What did they expect? Are the others to be blamed for making their children’s organism used to nicotine?

Many things are irritating me, but smoking is the strongest one. Probably that’s why I got enrolled in an NGO which was carrying out lectures at schools about smoking, drugs, etc. etc. to tell the children (and not only them) about diseases, damages and other consequences caused by smoking.

It also vexes me when people come to my place and lit their cigarettes without asking whether it’s admissible or not. And some wonder at my request not to smoke or go out or in better cases smoke by the window.

My folks would rebuke me for inviting our guests out of the room, because by Armenian customs it is considered indecent, and they wouldn’t take it seriously when I said that I would get a flu every time someone would blow their smoke on my nose. So what? Not enough that the smokers are harming themselves, moreover, I should also inhale their smoke and start coughing, itching my nose, my head aching and other miserable things happening to me in a smoky environment. (otherwise I simply avoid smoky places).

But guess now they take me seriously after how a doctor examined my nose and determined some kind of allergy and other difficulties. And yes, I trust this doctor for he was the one to help when I had other difficulties in the past as a result of wrong treatment by another doctor. Probably that’s why I feel the smoke from a far distance, even when the doors are closed, or even when a person has smoked some 4 hours ago.

Funny how things can change! Now even my folks ask our guests to smoke outdoors 😉

Smoking – one of the most stupid things people do. Just think over the damage you cause yourself and people around you. Or think how much money you waste on it. At least think that it is a needless material thing you are dependant on so much. 

Anyways, now, can you guess why I am so sullen in the picture? (yes, it’s me, it’s not a boy 😉 )…Well,, there were some ‘dzadzyas’ smoking in the studio and my dad’s all efforts to make me smile went flop 😉


3 Responses to “My nose and smoke”

  1. Global Voices Online » Armenia: Smoking Says:

    […] Zarchka voices her disgust over smoking and how entrenched it is in Armenian society. Share This […]

  2. Eso Says:

    That’s an awesome picture, such a determined expression, reminds me of me!

    Hey, is that a scar running down from your forehead, cheek and to your lips, or is it a photo anomaly? Regardless, I like old photos like this a lot… I mean not that you’re old… Okay it’s so not coming out right.

  3. Zarchka Says:

    No Eso, that’s coz of the old picture, though I have a small scar on my right cheek. I was a naughty girl, probably still am, and was running with lemonade bottle in my hand, so I stumbled and fell and the sharp side of the bottle got stuck in my cheek. Also I have another little scar on my forehead, again from childhood. Was playing sitting next to a huge pit dug in front of our house. So my toy fell into it and I went after it trying to catch it. Doctor wanted to put in stitches, but my mum didn’t allow him. Now one needs to look closely to see those scars.

    I like old pictures as well. But I just adore my natural reaction to smoking in this picture. I still remember how my dad took me to that studio and how some men there were playing cards and smoking. I still laugh at my disapproval, though I was 3 or 4 then. 🙂

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