My student admitted!!!

I’m so joyous!! My student got admitted to the university!!!
But you will never guess what kind of a student 😉

A month or so ago a friend’s sister asked me to help her with her entrance examination to Theater and Cinema Institute. Last year she was flunked during the exam where she had to perform a song and the unsuccessful choice of the song played the trick and she didn’t make it.

So I agreed. She refused to sing anything Armenian this time, as all the rest would, and she wanted something different. So our choice was Ray Charle’s Hit the Road Jack”. She had a good but untrained voice, no correct breathing, little knowledge of English and terrible intonation. So in order to make her understand and feel the song and sing it properly I was to do the impossible during such a short period of time, never having such an experience in the past, though having been singing in several choirs for how many years already. .

In a word, we did it! At a point she didn’t expect me to be so strict in my requirements. But she did everything I asked and showed and taught. The examination board was amazed. They even asked who practiced the song with her. She was great!!!

Soooo proud of my student (and myself 😉 ) !!!

Congratulations, Tatev!!! Apres!!!

2 Responses to “My student admitted!!!”

  1. Myrthe Says:

    Well done, student and teacher!

  2. Zarchka Says:

    Yeah, that’s for sure! Thanks!

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