I got a new mobile phone!!!

My poor Siemens SL 55 got tortured in my hands during all these 3 and half years and though I liked it a lot, I decided to change it before it died one day, especially when sometimes it would get turned off in the middle of a conversation.

My brother suggested going to “Petak” trade center in search of a new mobile. I was looking around, didn’t know what to buy, wanted something cute and with a nice design. And finally. This phone caught my eye from the first glance. However, unfortunately I didn’t manage to find out much about it as this conversation happened between the salesgirl and me:

Me: Will you show us this phone? ….(she ignores)… please, will you show me this phone.
She: Here it is. (reluctantly taking it out from the showcase as if that’s not her job)
Me: Can you turn it on so that we see how it works?
She: Will you buy it?
Me: Well, I have such intention.
She: If you are not going to buy it I will not turn it on.
Me: (What??) How can I say that I’m going to buy it if I don’t know how it functions??
She : (raising her shoulders as if she doesn’t care about it) ……
Me: (really fed up with her arrogant air) Fine! No need, I don’t buy it !!! (to my brother) Let’s get out of here…

What to say? I’m already used to these tactless and impolite people who always think high of themselves and look down on you with such an impudence, not bothering that what you ask them to do is nothing but their responsibility as they work there. One thing for sure now – the client is always wrong here! So many examples to bring, but it’s not what I intended to blog about.

However, I left that place as soon as possible and we headed to a shop on Khanjyan Tumanyan intersection, not the Nokia one, but the one behind it. There I found what I needed, we were well served and the salesgirl was kind enough to answer to all of my questions, provide necessary information and show me how the phone functions. Probably for me being properly served was more important than paying more $20. Now I kind of understand those people who choose VIP places at restaurants and cafes, where the difference is in chairs being softer and prices higher and waiters running to your call because the VIP clients are supposed to leave more tips. I always hated that division into “very important” and “ordinary”, anyways.

Whatever, here is my new Samsung SGH-F300 !!! Probably it was mainly the media player which enchanted me. I am still trying to work out how it functions and I hope it will justify my hopes 🙂 .


5 Responses to “I got a new mobile phone!!!”

  1. Onnik Krikorian Says:

    That’s precisely the same shop where I bought my phone and for precisely the same reason. I daresay it was the same girl as well, and yes, I ended up paying over what other shops were charging for the same reason. Hope it means she gets a better salary.

    Anyway, regarding customer service, Blogian had a post on the same subject after recently returning from Armenia (although he’s Hayastantsi he studies in the U.S.). It’s here.

  2. Eso Says:

    Super! Another Samsung user, it’s excellent brand. I bought myself a SGH-D900, so, so sexy. Be warned though, all Samsung LCD screens are expensive.

    I broke my LCD screen after totally forgetting it was in my pocket while I was chasing girlies… and it cost me a whopping 180$AU for a replacement. I could have gotten it cheaper if I installed it myself though. Havaseh choonim chishtn asats.

    Anyway, if you ever need a service manual for DIY repairs on any Samsung phone I can get it to you in PDF format, just ask.

  3. nazarian Says:

    Congratulations! Looks like a good phone.

    You can encounter shitty service everywhere. The last incident that I can recall was by a stewardess in a United flight from Beijing. It felt as if she was ready to slap me a few times. That was some nasty experience.

    I have encountered both good service and bad service in Armenia. But the customer is the king (queen in your case 🙂 ). In a liberal capitalist system you can usually walk away and take your business elsewhere.

  4. Zarchka Says:

    Another example of ‘nice’ service here.
    Few days ago my coursemates were to meet. It was the day when Viva Cell organized a concert at the Liberty Square. We actually didn’t know about it before that. So while waiting for the others to come my coursmate and I decided to sit at Atlantic Café. The waitress came up saying that not dependant on what we ordered we should pay 2000 drams, because the stage was seen from the table we occupied. What? Someone else is organizing a concert and the cafes are charging people because a bit of the stage is seen from that place!!!! Of course I told the waitress that I didn’t really care for that concert and we left.

    Later we decided to go to one of the cafes of the park along Khanjyan street. We were five and as the chairs around the table we chose to sit were four, we asked the waitress in a very polite way whether she could bring one more chair. Instead she told us to move to the other table which again had 4 chairs and she would bring one more chair to that table. Probably at that moment not understanding the absurdum of what she said, my coursmates stood up to move to the table which was actually some 10 steps away on the road side. But I refused going there and asked whether it was not the same for her to bring the chair to this table, to which she answered that she wanted to take it to the other table. But did anyone ask what she wanted??!! This time already my coursmates interfered and she simply left. We had no choice but to bring a chair from another table to our one by ourselves. Later another waitress came up to serve in such an expression on her face as if she ate something sour for the whole day. Fortunately we were in a good mood and instead of quarreling started mocking, even decided to move to the VIP section, to see whether she’d smile while serving her VIP customers.

    And yeah, I think I’m getting to like my phone. Just pity that the sound is low, though I was told that all Samsung phones sound low. But it sounds fantastic with ear-phones!

  5. Oneworld Multimedia :: Notes from the Armenian Blogosphere :: September :: 2007 Says:

    […] of customer service in Armenia, but also notes that it can be found. This was her experience when recently shopping for a new mobile phone. My brother suggested going to “Petak” trade center in search of a new mobile. I was looking […]

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