Funny thing. You are not sure whether you are ill or not unless say you see a doctor, or say in case of doubting about having temperature you take your temperature. When you are not sure, you still behave like a healthy person, but when say you find out that you have temperature, you already feel sick. At least that’s the case with me.

I caught a cold and it is already the third day that I feel like having temperature as I’m burning inside, but as far as I have lost the thermometer and my folks forget to buy a new one, I’m a bit unsure about my current condition, so I keep on sitting in front of my computer, like doing it now, and working as if nothing is happening. But I know if I took my temperature and it appeared to be high, I’d get into my bed immediately drinking many cups of tea and trying to perspire to lower it, as far as usually when I feel kind of weak, I keep on taking my temperature like every 30 minutes. However, I’m not grouchy at all when I’m ill (probably that’s the case when I feel ok 😉 )

Now I think that probably it’d be better if I never took my temperature and thought that I’m fine. Suggestibility, or what they call it, is a great power!

P.S. Because of my flu, I can’t get injected against the outbreak of German measles and rubella in Armenia, as the consequences will be disastrous. And though some people say they won’t go for any injection, I think they should. It shouldn’t do any harm, should it? Then why not?
Don’t think suggestibility will help here when red spots appear on your body 😉


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