Double Stupidity in Yerevan

This is kind of a continuation to the post on Oneworld Multimedia blog about the construction mess in Yerevan and alleged money being spent on digging deep needless holes as if for constructing subways, although the rumor has it that “…the construction is being done now so that the authorities can spend as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time and siphon off much of it…”

However, this allegation may turn out to be true especially when the huge hole dug along Khanjyan street at Khanjyan and Tigran Mets intersection is now filled back.

What I got from talking to some people, no subway will be constructed there as one of the reasons I was told was that only after digging deep into it they found out that the metro passes under that area!

Almost funny, if it weren’t that sad. How on earth could they not take into consideration the fact that they might stumble upon the underground, especially when by simple logics one may presume that the line from Hanrapetutyan Hraparak to Zoravar Andranik stations should pass right under that area!!?? Didn’t they bother to shoot a glance at the metro map before starting their destruction??!!

If that’s not the case, then I wonder, what is a logical explanation for laying a double layered asphalt along Khanjyan street, then digging it deep, then filling it back??

Double stupid!!!


3 Responses to “Double Stupidity in Yerevan”

  1. Myrthe Says:

    You must be kidding, Zara! This is ridiculous! The sad thing is, that you’re most likely not kidding, that this really is true! Deep deep sigh…

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